We create compelling content to bring your brand alive online. We produce eye-catching and “thumb-stopping” visuals to capture your audience’s attention and invite them into your story.


We pay as much attention to pixels in imagery to copy, and know the importance of sound and silence, whether it’s a podcast or video being listened to from a headset or watched on a phone.


Brands have a plethora of choices on how to source their creative. We work with our clients to customize what will work best for their processes, budget, and audience whether it’s part of our ongoing monthly services or a content bundle designed to get the most bang for your content buck. Most importantly, we create beautiful, shareable, and impactful content that help clients reach their goals on social and grow their businesses.


Sociality Squared has a talented team of writers and editors who can help craft and tell your brand story and who write for the ever-changing landscape of social media.

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    Our writing services include:

    Social Media
    Response Strategy
    Crisis Communication
    Customer Service Scripts
    Descriptions and Subtitles for Video

  • All of our clients receive a social media voice guide that outlines the brand’s character/persona, tone, language, and purpose…even, when applicable, what emojis to use!

    Copy is optimized for each platform that it is published on, including appropriate hashtags, mentions, and link attachment titles and descriptions (when the platforms allow us to edit link previews!). Translation and transcription services are also available.

    Of course, before we ever publish a post, the brand remains in the driver seat for the approval process we map out. Because of our internal editing and review processes in place, you can be confident that your content is not only compelling, but accurate (spelling, grammatical, branding, or cultural language).

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of our work:

Graphics & Photography

We create thumb-stopping imagery for your brand that can be used in a multitude of
ways, including an integral part of your paid media plan.

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    Your Brand Image Library + Stock Photos

    We’re able to produce high-quality social creative for our clients without the additional expense of regular, ongoing photoshoots by tapping into your library of brand photos along with stock photography. All clients get the benefits of our stock photography subscriptions.

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    Instagram-Ready Photography

    Mimicking the style of what often organically shows up in social feeds, these photos appear similar to what would be shot by a talented photographer using an iPhone — not overly produced and relatable.

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    Influencer Photography

    S2 identifies and builds relationships with your brand’s key influencers to reach your target audience through content and campaigns that engages their communities. Our influencer programs create imagery that will be distributed on their channels and yours!

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    Traditional Photoshoots

    While stock photography can help fill in gaps, nothing beats original photography to convey your brand. From one-off projects to easy-to-manage monthly photography packages, we’ve got you covered! We do all the heavy lifting from conceptualization, pre-, post-, and all production.

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of our work:


In 2019, 80% of all internet traffic will come from video and 90% of consumers say video can help them make buying decisions. With our social-first approach to creating compelling content, social is baked into the storytelling and not an afterthought. We understand that brands must create videos to stay relevant and engage their audience online – from vertical to square to horizontal video formats. We always look to create video that delights viewers within the culture of the platforms where they’ll be consuming the video, and for phone screens and that make an impact with the sound on or off.

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    We love making GIFs from graphics, photography, and videos – you get the benefits of video for Feed distribution for the production cost of graphics!

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    Animations are a great way to have your imagery pop in the feeds!

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    Live Video

    Whether it’s vertical or horizontal, we do help you go live at events or for interviews on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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    Social Video

    Sociality Squared matches client needs with our trusted partners to deliver all video needs – from Instagram videos in square and vertical formats to web commercials – so that you can get your message across dynamically, on mobile, and in an instant!

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Check out some examples
of our work:


With the rise of Alexa and Google Home, people are turning to audio more and more. In 2018, 44% of Americans ages 12 and older listened to a podcast. Audio captures the listener’s ear and allows for their imagination to create the visuals.

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    The ear is an intimate way to connect with your customers, and we can help you create a podcast, from the strategy and how-to to managing the full production of it.

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    Spotify Ads

    Spotify has 109 million ad supported listeners and boasts a 24% lift in ad recall for audio ads. Using Spotify Ad Studio, we can help deliver your message right to your target audience’s ears.

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