SAMPLEit NYC Fashion Week Shopping Spree Sweeps

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Sociality Squared produced fan-focused web videos and product photography for SAMPLEit as part of an Instagram-selfie sweepstake’s grand prize to New York City during Fashion Week.

About the Client


SAMPLEit was an automated retail kiosk that engaged consumers at their decision point: in-store and pre-purchase. SAMPLEit offered an interactive display where shoppers could easily discover, learn about, and select brands. Delivered in a sleek gift bag on a backlit platform, samples paired with coupons drove full-size product sales, while their back-end data provided detailed consumer results.

The Challenge


As a new brand in the Outerwall kiosk family alongside Coinstar and Redbox, SAMPLEit operated as a start-up and needed to generate foot traffic. SAMPLEit looked to Sociality Squared to not only grow brand awareness online, but to also  drive people to SAMPLEit kiosks and strengthen the positioning of SAMPLEit as a beauty/fashion brand.

Our Solution


The “SAMPLEit NYC Fashion Week Shopping Spree Sweeps” was created to leverage user-generated content “selfie” submissions on Instagram with the incentive of a dream NYC Fashion Week and shopping spree luxury weekend. This drove people to kiosks, created excitement around SAMPLEit on- and offline, increased user-generated content, and built word of mouth marketing. The content captured from the winning weekend was leveraged in photos and as a web video to help position SAMPLEit as a cool, fashion-forward beauty brand and provided compelling fan-centric content for future use. While the prize was valued at nearly $5,000 and included flights, hotel, travel, spending money, a shopping spree, and more; the impact of the campaign surpassed all expectations.

Other key elements included:

  • Influencer outreach:

    We worked with Aliana Galan, a NYC stylist and social media influencer, to create a NYC Fashion Week Pinterest board, host a live Facebook chat during the contest, and style our winner during the prize weekend. The live Facebook chat was SAMPLEit’s first ever.

  • Dedicated Giveaway Page:

    Tint served as a hub for the contest where the rules were hosted and entries populated using #SAMPLEitSelfie.

  • Cross-promotional efforts:

    We used a combination of Facebook and Twitter ads plus the brand’s newsletter to inform the community about the giveaway and encourage subscribers  to enter.


  • Social Reach:

    27K people were reached.

  • Entries:

    Surpassed goal set out by client.

  • Facebook engagement:

    The Facebook chat ads had a CTR of 3.43%, which was above average for the client.

  • Brand ambassador:

    SAMPLEit gained a fan for life with Christina, the winner. She regularly engaged with SAMPLEit’s social media channels and promoted it on her own.  

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