Community Management

When you connect people to what they value and love, you build a community around it. We believe in the power of people coming together in-person and online, and our work is the bridge that connects them.


We understand community is your brand’s most important asset and our job is to keep them engaged, heard, and celebrated.

Our community management
services include:



We publish content in the culture of the platform, optimized down to what hashtag to use so that your content reaches and resonates with your community. Your content is published at optimal times based on best practices and when your audience is online. A unique aspect of Sociality Squared is that we manually publish your content for launches and special campaigns instead of relying on a third-party scheduling tool to ensure that it is fully optimized and appears just as intended for your most important posts.


Monitoring & Engagement

We see every engagement, even negative ones, as an opportunity to help and convert a fan or customer into an ambassador by providing meaningful engagement and social customer service. Utilizing Sprout Social and the platforms natively, we monitor your channels so every customer is acknowledged, responded to, and nurtured – and when appropriate, celebrated! Every client receives a customized response plan, follow strategy, pro-active outreach plan, and engagement strategy (emojis may or may not be part of this!).


Social Customer Service

Customer service drives loyalty and we embrace WOW social customer service to build your brand, one response at a time and as one human behind a screen to another. Social customer service is an opportunity to genuinely help customers and build a stronger relationship between the person and your brand. We know that we need to meet the customer where they are whether on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or (well, you get the idea!). WOW social customer service means trying to resolve any issue on the customer’s preferred form of communication and going above and beyond what is expected to really WOW them.


Crisis Communication

You can have social media peace of mind knowing that you’ve got a process in place to provide open and transparent, communication when you and your community need it most. While we work to foster a positive community culture for your brand, we always have a plan for any worst case scenarios. We craft a crisis management strategy and build out a well-thought-out communication plan so you’re prepared. This includes mapping out the escalation process to determine the severity of the issue and the steps needed to address it.


Team Advocacy

Your team can be your biggest ambassadors, so we love inviting them to be part of the online conversation for your brand! In addition to what we do for your brand on the social media front lines, we empower your team and employees to amplify your brand’s reach by sharing curated content across their social networks. We do this through social media guidelines, best practices, and training. And we’re able to do it at scale with Bambu by Sprout Social.


Pro-Active Outreach

In addition to your brand channels, conversations are happening about your brand across the web. By following hashtags and keywords and honing in on key influencers and trends, we proactively look for conversations to engage with and determine an appropriate and authentic way to engage, whether that’s a like, follow, comment, or DM. We’re not spammy and always want to add value to any content or conversation we’re part of, and most importantly, have your brand add value to the most meaningful conversations taking place around it.

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