Every strategy and action we take is to make a meaningful impact to grow your company and add value to culture and your community.


We believe in the power of listening and connecting at Sociality Squared. This means going offline and connecting with your customers in person and over the phone to have a conversation with them.

When it comes to online listening and analytics, we use a lot of tools to understand what content is engaging and what conversations are taking place across the web. We always pair data with intuition and that comes from years of experience in the space and being plugged into the most important tech and cultural topics of our time. What are customers sharing and what is being said between the lines? We also keep in mind the full customer journey and experience with a customer-first approach to everything we do. What is relevant to someone who just discovered your brand is very different than to someone who is a loyal customer.


We continuously look for opportunities to optimize efforts and propel your brand to the next level. Every client receives tailored reports that show growth and outline clear opportunity analysis.

Tools we use include:

  1. Sprout Social

    (Analytics, Listening, Team Advocacy)

  2. Native Analytics

  3. Google Analytics

  4. And more!

We’re a proud Sprout Social
Agency Partner


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