There is an art to growing communities, but it always comes down to never forgetting that behind every screen is a person. Every decision, strategy, and brainstorming session starts with this in mind.


Our approach to creating social-first strategies focuses on people and platforms. We think about how people spend time on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks, and how we can create content that is re-imagined for the platform. When someone discovers the content, it’s optimized for the culture of the platform and the person is delighted. We use our expertise to create strategies that get the most out of each platform and how people use them. We always think social-first.


We’ll help you define your goals and achieve meaningful results to grow your business. We keep the full customer experience in mind when it comes to social media marketing and community-building. This starts with listening and empathy: who are your customers, how do they spend their time, and what do they value? What is most meaningful to them?


Data is always paired with intuition, and we make sure to go outside of our own echo chambers to understand the full spectrum of your community and what will resonate with them. We’ll help you craft and create your brand’s story and bring it alive online so that it will support your community that is built around shared values.

The steps we take to build a

comprehensive social media strategy so

your customers will discover and connect

with your brand include:


  1. Define Your Goals

    To grow your business and online community.

  2. Brand Immersion

    To learn all facets of your brand.

  3. Deep-Dive Into Data

    To uncover diamonds and opportunities in your data and online conversations.

  4. Identify & Listen

    To understand who your customers are and what’s meaningful to them.

  5. Community-Building

    To discover why and what value you bring to your community.

  6. Brainstorm

    To surface the best ideas that align with and bring your brand alive online.

  7. Crafting Your Brand Story

    To reach and resonate with your community, authentically.

  8. Visual & Voice Guides

    To convey your brand with social-first, compelling content.

  9. Foundation For Success

    To establish and streamline processes for sustainable growth.

  10. Social Media Action Plan

    To achieve social media peace of mind with a clear plan.

Your social media strategy will maximize

your social media efforts to make a

positive impact to grow your

business – and we’d love to help you!

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