Muuna Cottage Cheese

Co-Branded Instagram Giveaway

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  • 12%

    increase in Instagram followers in one month

  • 1.2K+

    engagements, the most on Instagram for 2018

  • 16.4%

    Open rate for the newsletter, the top performing newsletter to date

About the Client


Muuna cottage cheese launched in the fall of 2016 with the mission to change the way consumers think about cottage cheese. Muuna is reimagining cottage cheese and bringing excitement to the category with its proprietary melt-in-your-mouth creamy texture plus real pieces of fruit in single-serve cups.

The Challenge


Make cottage cheese sexy again! We wanted to introduce people to new and different ways to think about cottage cheese with Muuna. This isn’t your grandmother’s cottage cheese and it’s a surprisingly multi-purpose ingredient that can replace mayo or sour cream. Our task was to drive awareness, excitement, and trials for Muuna by using social-first creative. A specific goal was to grow the Muuna Instagram account to surpass 10K fans in 2018.

Our Solution

Sociality Squared developed  a co-branded Instagram giveaway with a like-minded brand to increase followers, engagement, and reach a new audience. We collaborated with Carrington Farms to create a uniquely branded topping recipe with both products. The call-to-action asked people to like a specific post, follow both Muuna and Carrington Farms, and tag a fellow foodie in the comments.

Other key
elements included:

  • Co-branded prize pack:

    The prize pack included products from both Carrington Farms and Muuna, plus a gift card to Whole Foods. The prize was chosen to promote both brands and support the story of Muuna empowering people to add more protein in their diets.  

  • Cross-promotional social-first content:

    Although the campaign lived on Instagram, it was promoted across Facebook, Twitter, and Muuna’s newsletter.

  • Custom graphics:

    The hero image for the giveaway was an original photograph featuring both brands and the topping recipe. We also created GIFs to further engage the audience through moving visuals.


  • Community Growth:

    Instagram gained 895 new followers, a 12% increase in September for Muuna!

  • Engagement:

    The Instagram giveaway post had 1.2K+ engagements (820 likes, 388 comments), the most for 2018. This was a 15% engagement rate, the second highest for Instagram in 2018! Muuna and Carrington Farms’ Instagram posts together generated 2.9K likes and 782 comments.

  • Newsletter Success:

    The giveaway helped boost Muuna’s consumer newsletter. Promoting it led to the most popular consumer newsletter for Muuna ever with a 16.4% open rate and 6.4% click-through-rate!

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