Work Smarter with Sprout Social’s Saved Replies

Everything you need to know about how Sprout Social’s Saved Replies feature can supercharge your brand’s responsiveness. 

Today’s social media landscape is more fast-paced than ever before. For brands, keeping up is key to remaining competitive. This means responding to questions, comments, and complaints at the speed of digital.

Fast responses to inquiries can be a major differentiating factor for your brand.  After all, the average user believes four hours for a response is reasonable; however, the average response time for a brand is much longer: ten hours!

Responding quickly and accurately is a great way to help elevate your brand and deliver the kinds of customer interactions that build loyalty. On the other hand, if you fail to do so, your customer can and will look elsewhere — and it has never been easier for them to do just that. 

Of course, keeping on top of inquiries is not always easy, especially if you’re lucky enough to have an overwhelming number of incoming messages from your adoring fans. Fortunately, Sprout Social’s Saved Replies feature can help brands work smarter, not harder, to deliver a timely and effective response. 

Work Smarter with Sprout Social’s Saved Replies

What Is a Saved Reply?

As we have previously discussed on this blog, increasing the efficiency of your workflows can be a true game changer for brands struggling to generate meaningful social media results. 

That’s where Sprout Social comes in. At Sociality Squared, we rely on this powerful social media management tool to build and manage top-performing social strategies for our clients.

One component of Sprout’s extensive suite of features available on the Advanced plan is Saved Replies. This tool allows you to store and quickly recall pre-written responses for common inquiries, thereby saving the time and effort you would otherwise expend copying and pasting or even composing individual replies to the same questions over and over again.

You can even organize and categorize your Saved Replies through Sprout’s Internal Tags system (which we’ve also discussed recently on this blog).

How Do You Add Saved Replies to Sprout Social?

So, where do you begin?

The first step is to enable Saved Replies for your Sprout Account. To do this, navigate to Account and Settings, then to Inbox Settings, and toggle Enable Saved Replies to ON.

Next, you can begin creating and managing your Saved Replies as Text Assets in the Sprout Asset Library. Available to Advanced plans, the Asset Library provides a centralized location for storing relevant, successful, and on-brand approved content. This includes videos, images, and text snippets — such as your Saved Replies.

Upon creating a Saved Reply, you can utilize it elsewhere throughout Sprout. Saved Replies also work well with Sprout’s other time-saving reply tools, like automated chatbots.

Where is the Asset Library in Sprout Social?

To create a Saved Reply as a new Text Asset, first, navigate to the Asset Library. You’ll find it on the left-hand navigation panel within the Publishing Tab.

After clicking Asset Library, next click in the top-right corner. Then, click Add Text. Finally, enter an Asset Title and the Asset text. You can also add Tags and Context from the right side. 

A screenshot of the Sprout Social interface demonstrates the menu navigation needed to access the Sprout Asset Library.

How Do You View and Edit Sprout Social Saved Replies?

Once you’ve created your Saved Replies as Text Assets in the Asset Library, you can then attach them when replying to or creating a message using the reply window in Compose. To do so, simply click to open a list of Replies, which you can filter by tags. 

A screenshot of the Sprout Social Compose feature demonstrates the location of the button to insert a Saved Reply into the message.

Upon attaching your Text Asset, you can choose to add an extra personalized touch by modifying the response before you send it. Additionally, you can tailor Saved Replies according to a specific campaign and organize them accordingly using Internal Tags or Folders — to add or remove an asset from a Folder, navigate to the Asset Library, hover over the left-hand corner of the asset or assets in question, select the checkbox for that asset or assets and click Move to Folder at the top of the screen. 

Lastly, if you do happen to write a new response to a message and realize it would be perfect to save for future use, just click Add Current Reply to Asset Library.

The Bottom Line

From saving time and ensuring you address inquiries in a timely manner to helping your brand maintain a consistent message and tone, the benefits of using Sprout Social are numerous.

So if you’re looking to save time, work smarter, and supercharge your brand’s customer service, Sprout Saved Replies may be the perfect tool for your needs. 

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Written By:

Edward Gibbons-Brown