Pinterest: The Ideal Planning Tool for Just About Anything


Seven years ago, social media was just beginning to tap into its full potential. Facebook and Twitter were fairly new platforms, and Instagram was non-existent. Pinterest was hot off the Internet press, and has only continued to grow since. The platform has exploded in its 7 year lifespan, and hosts 150 million active monthly Pinterest users. Whether it be a once in a lifetime road trip, your #OOTD, this week’s meal prep, home improvement projects, or rainy day crafts for the kids, Pinterest has it all. Not only does it offer such a wide variety of valuable information at the click of a mouse, but it does so in a creative, intuitive, and visually appealing way.

How Pinterest can Help you Plan

Whether you are an avid pinner or just a casual scroller searching for tonight’s dinner recipe, Pinterest is continually praised on its modern visual layout, plethora of creative ideas, and for facilitating our everyday planning, of well, just about everything.

Not only does Pinterest make the mundane tasks such as researching, planning, organizing, and scheduling captivating and intriguing through the implementation of visuals and photos, it makes the entire process more practical as well. Since every pin is linked to a relevant site or blog, you can effortlessly search for a topic and be inundated with helpful information in the best way possible. Behind all those pretty pins and pictures is a world of useful tips, recommendations, and valuable opinions from websites, blogs, and real life experiences.

Beyond Pinterest’s wide range of photos and value as a seemingly endless source of information, what else makes it such an invaluable planning tool? A big part of it is the sense of real life community that Pinterest offers. Other users are actively sharing information throughout the platform, making the real connections through actual people a valuable tool. The Pinterest community is filled with users sharing tips, tricks, opinions, and their own real-life experiences. Examples include step-by-step demonstrations of DIY projects or recipes, shared recommendations from personal travel itineraries, and helpful advice pinned from the author’s blogs and websites. Pinterest joins users together that share similar interests and ideas, and allows users to interact with others who share these same interests to comment, ask questions, and share opinions with this growing community.

How Pinterest Inspires

So, you have a plethora of useful information and a relatable community all in one place, but Pinterest has one more ideal benefit up its sleeve. If you are in any of the planning stages (Yes, dreaming counts too!) of a travel itinerary, DIY project, recipe, or craft, Pinterest offers you thousands of pins chock full of useful information, recommendations, and advice. However, it also offers you more, on an inspirational level. The platform fosters the opportunity to be creative and to let users express themselves, while opening them up to new ideas, over 75 billion in fact. It provides this extraordinary outlet to be creative and dynamically explore thousands of different ideas, all in one place.

Through practicality, sense of community, creativity, and inspiration, Pinterest is an invaluable planning tool for ideas big and small. The combination of its creative nature, which offers users an ideal outlet to explore and be inspired, and its relevant and useful abundance of information and recommendations, make it a force to be reckoned with. Kudos to you Pinterest, for helping us chase our dreams since 2010, or at least flawlessly plan them.

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