Pinterest Can Supercharge Your Business’s Social Marketing: Here’s How

Do you know what platform has over 433 million monthly active users worldwide as of the first quarter of 2022, an increase of 2 million users over the previous quarter? 

Believe it or not, it’s Pinterest

Creating a branded profile on this often-overlooked platform can offer serious marketing potential, especially for e-commerce businesses. 

Although networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter remain as crucial as ever, those digital landscapes also get noisier and more distracting every day, making it harder and harder for your business to stand out (S2 can help with that; click here for more). Additionally, shopping is only one part of what users do on these platforms. 

On the other hand, Pinterest combines the power of search and discovery. Users don’t just go to Pinterest for “pinning” (saving and organizing visual ideas). They also go actively looking for inspiration (aka search intent!). From a marketing perspective, this is fertile ground to capture the doers in your target audience.

Pinterest combines the power of search and discovery.

To learn more about the marketing potential of Pinterest and discover how S2 can help supercharge reach, awareness, and clicks for your business, continue reading.

Pinterest Can Supercharge Your Business’s Social Marketing: Here’s How

Does Pinterest Lead to Sales?

Users go to Pinterest ready to be inspired by discovery. From a marketing perspective, that’s ideal. You don’t have to catch their attention as they doomscroll — they came to Pinterest in the first place because they are already seeking new ideas. 

Furthermore, Pinterest users are often goal-oriented. They are on the platform because they are looking for a solution to a problem, to learn something new, to find inspiration for a project, or to discover something that can improve their lives. Whether they’re planning a wedding, decorating their house, or looking for an easy weeknight recipe, they are curating content for themselves that serves their purpose. 

They are also eager to make purchases based on what they find.

75% of Pinterest’s 433 million monthly active users say they’re always shopping. Plus, 98% of pinners go out and try ideas they find on Pinterest, and shopping engagement grew by 20% last year. 

Last but not least, a quick look at the demographics of Pinterest users proves that the platform offers access to a coveted group: women aged 24 to 49, who typically make most of a family’s spending decisions

The audience you are looking for is on Pinterest. And they are there looking for you. 

How Do I Use Pinterest to Market My Business?

Sociality Squared is pleased and excited to offer a brand-new Pinterest product designed to maximize your business’s social marketing potential on the platform. 

This full-service organic and paid Pinterest solution combines the frequency of posting and the power of search keywords with tailored Pin creation and overall account strategy to fit the needs of each client. 

And it’s already been working. 

Havenly, an interior design service, is a great case study. An organic Pinterest campaign that focused on increasing awareness about their interior design service, as well as “shoppable” Pins,  started with high benchmarks: 1.5 million monthly viewers within the first six months. 

Thanks to early success, this ongoing initiative resulted in Havenly hitting 7 million monthly viewers (a 328% increase) and over 46,000 clicks to their website…all directly from Pinterest alone! 

As Carlie from Havenly put it, “Pinterest is now one of our biggest assets in social strategy.”

Another client saw similar success with Pinterest marketing. Maiden Steel was looking for a new audience to grow awareness and increase inquiries for their custom doors. A combination of bite-sized close-ups, clear branding, and simple calls to action to their website helped Maiden Steel capture a new audience and increase website traffic, leading to custom door inquiries. 

It was a new market for Maiden Steel, but as their targeted demographic uses Pinterest as a resource and design inspiration, it was a natural fit for their products. 

For Maiden Steel, the results speak for themselves: a monthly growth rate of +1,845.5% on website traffic and +1,963.3% in audience engagement. 

Now, Maiden Steel commands over 2.7 million monthly views, a significant increase from 1 million monthly just eight months prior. 

Ready to Take an Interest in Pinterest? Sociality Squared Can Help

Through partnering with Sociality Squared, the kind of Pinterest strategies that yielded these astonishing results for Havenly and Maiden Steel can be applied to your business’s social marketing, as well. 

More good news: With a range of pricing options available, including an introductory package for businesses to test out, you can gain the benefits of our approach to Pinterest marketing at a notably low cost relative to industry-standard platform management pricing.

If your business does not have a branded account on Pinterest, and if you are not strategically maximizing your Pinterest presence, you are missing out on the opportunity to supercharge your business.  

Do you want to learn more about adding Pinterest to your social strategy? 

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Written By:

Edward Gibbons-Brown