How New Sprout Social Features Can Improve Your Marketing

With so many different social media management tools available today, it can be challenging to know which one is right for you and your business. 

There are an almost overwhelming number of options, each with different strengths. To make things even more confusing, social media platforms are continuously implementing new features, tools, and integrations — meaning you need a tool that constantly evolves with the digital world. 

At Sociality Squared, we chose Sprout Social.

At Sociality Squared, we chose Sprout Social to power social media publishing, scheduling, reporting, listening, and analytics for our clients. In fact, as a Sprout Agency Partner, every client we work with gains access to Premium Analytics plus resources, support, and expertise to expand their social media marketing and drive business growth. 

Some recently unveiled new features of Sprout Social make it easier than ever to reach your audience on more platforms and in new ways and optimize your content for meaningful business results.

To discover more about Sprout Social’s new workflow to publish Instagram Stories and Carousels, as well as the tool’s new integration with TikTok, continue reading.

How New Sprout Social Features Can Improve Your Marketing

What Is a Social Media Management Tool?

A social media management tool is a software application that allows users to manage social media accounts and content on multiple platforms. This makes it easier to keep track of everything you’re posting on different platforms, schedule content in advance, monitor the performance of your posts in real-time, optimize your posts for better visibility, gain insights from analytics and reporting, and more. 

Some such tools are free. However, there are also enterprise-grade tools, like Sprout, that work for companies of any size. In our years of work in social media marketing, we have found Sprout Social’s powerful cross-platform capabilities, rich reporting, insights, and ease of use to be the right combination for our clients’ needs.

Instagram Stories and Carousels

If you’ve ever used Instagram, you’ve probably noticed how quickly Stories have become a part of users’ daily experience. Additionally, social media Carousel posts are a great way to showcase multiple images or videos in a single post and keep your audience engaged. Carousels are particularly useful for visual-heavy channels like Instagram. 

Now, Sprout Social supports both of these trends. While the Instagram Mobile Publishing Workflow has always been an option for Carousel posts and Instagram Stories, you can now automatically publish Carousel posts with up to ten images directly from the Compose tool of the Sprout desktop, bypassing the necessity to publish the post using your phone.  

There are some caveats and exceptions worth noting, however. For example, if you create or edit a Carousel post using the mobile app, you will still need to use a mobile publisher. Additionally, this function supports still images only (no GIFs or Carousel videos). Finally, publishing Instagram Stories through Sprout still requires you to send the post through the app to a Mobile Publisher (the person you assign to be responsible for publishing posts to Instagram). 

While it’s not perfect, we’re all super excited about this upgrade at Sociality Squared!

TikTok Integration

Most businesses have already integrated Instagram and Facebook into their social media strategy, but they may not have explored other channels. For example, TikTok is one of the fastest-growing apps in the world, outperforming most other social media platforms and becoming the most downloaded app of 2022’s first quarter with a billion global users. 

Creating and publishing content to TikTok through Sprout Social can be a great way to expand your business’s reach and engage with new audiences. 

Last month, Sprout Social joined the TikTok Marketing Partner Program, a growing community of technology companies that help marketers tap into their creativity and grow their businesses on TikTok. This allowed them to launch a first-of-its-kind integration that enables Sprout users to schedule video posts, manage comments, track metrics, and generate presentation-ready reports to analyze results. 

You can schedule TikToks through Sprout Social’s Compose tool, and the process is just as simple as creating a post for any other platform. Additionally, there is no limit to how far into the future you can schedule your posts (whereas the native TikTok scheduler tool limits you to ten days in advance or less). Finally, Sprout makes it easy to manage multiple TikTok handles from one place. 

The Bottom Line

As a Sprout Social Agency Partner, Sociality Squared provides access to one of the most powerful and comprehensive social media management tools available for your business — including Premium Analytics, which empowers you to dig deeper and configure reports with selectable metrics, interactive charts, filtering capabilities, report link sharing, an analytics API, and additional metrics. 

The exciting new features and functions Sprout has released for Instagram and TikTok present a crucial opportunity for your business to stay on top of the latest up-to-the-minute social media marketing trends. 

Reach out to discuss how S2 can help you leverage Sprout Social to achieve measurable results for your business.

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Written By:

Edward Gibbons-Brown