New Facebook Tool: Schedule Wall Posts

Admins, this one is for you. Facebook recently added a new tool that will make your life oh so much easier. Admins of pages on Facebook can now schedule posts. At Sociality Squared, we have long been leery of using third-party API tools to schedule posts because of the detrimental effect using such apps has on the posts Edgerank, the algorithm Facebook uses to sort which posts fans see in their news feed. If you are dedicated to gleaning the most reach you can from each post, you have likely been avoiding scheduling posts via Hootsuite and other scheduling API tools as well.


The new scheduling tool on Facebook is good news because it allows admins to schedule posts without impacting Edgerank adversely. This will benefit admins in many ways, for example, if you are at a conference, traveling for business, working from a different time zone or even taking a vacation day, you will now be able to schedule all of your posts in advance. Hence, no need to worry about missing a posting time if you work for a company that is part of the Olympic games in London this summer, but live in Los Angeles. It is great to know that your posts will happen exactly when you plan them even though your hands may be tied with something else at the moment. It will also be a great tool for big social media events that take place in real time. You can schedule your pre-planned posts and just be in the moment to react to what is happening surrounding an event, such as a product launch, major corporate announcement or other brand event.

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How to Schedule a Post

1. Log into the page on Facebook you want to post to.

2. Select the clock icon in the lower left corner of the status box, entering the year, month, day and time you would like to schedule your post. Click “Schedule”.

3. Next, you will want to go to your Activity Log, located in the Admin Panel, to view your scheduled post. You can make any edits you need from there.

4. Double check your scheduled posts to make sure they are all good to go.

Last but not least, enjoy the newfound flexibility the Scheduling tool brings to your job. Whether you want to schedule a post so you can make an early meeting, or you have 10 posts that need to be up at the same time, this tool is guaranteed to make your life as an admin of Facebook pages much simpler and organized. Like clockwork, you might say.

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