Infuse Your Timeline With Apps

The Open Graph became available this week as Facebook unveiled the “the next generation of the platform which enables people to tell their stories through the apps they use” on Wednesday evening. Spotify and Washington Post Social Reader have seen a lot of usage prior to user’s profiles being converted to Timeline. Now that Timeline is integrated on the platform, Facebook kept their promise on by releasing the Open Graph with over 60 apps to kick things off on Wednesday night. Watch the Apps introductory video here.
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Apps give users the opportunity to express their personalities through apps they are connected with on Facebook. Whether it’s cooking, movies, fashion or travel, there is an app. Or if there’s not yet, there will be one soon. In fact, if there isn’t an app for an activity you enjoy, you have the option to create one and integrate it with the Open Graph for use on Facebook. The apps introduced Wednesday are just the beginning of a movement that is bound to be big, as more and more people use Facebook (active users are projected to cross the 1 billion mark this summer).

Now that Facebook has made it even more simple for users to tell their story by infusing Timeline with better photo tools, life events and now by providing apps to share the things they enjoy most, businesses who are already social can be amplified, and those who aren’t are going to need to become so to stay competitive in this quickly changing media landscape. The Open Graph apps integration will keep marketers and developers extremely busy as businesses adapt their social media plans accordingly. Pinterest is a great example. The virtual pinboard site is no longer just adored by the design and DIY crowds, but has become the darling of the social media sites and will only continue to grow with this new Facebook integration. Brands are flocking to Pinterest as they realize the reach they will have is not only on the site itself, but also on the biggest social network of them all.

Timeline will become richer as the release of Open Graph expands opportunities for simply sharing life.

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