Pinterest: Do This Not That


Don’t pin from search results or secondary sources, i.e., google image search, Tumblr, etc.

Do pin from primary sources and give credit to original artists, photographers, designers, etc. wherever you can.

Don’t just write, “love it” or “gorgeous” in your comments.

Do add searchable identifiers such as # and @ to the names of retailers, designers, names and brands that are searched often, i.e., #Chanel coat available at @Nordstrom this will make your pins more targeted to specific audiences searching and repinning specific things.

Don’t repin exclusively from within Pinterest.

Do pin from outside sources and make yourself a channel for connecting people to new outlets for inspiration. Good rule of thumb: when you do repin an image from another board try to add a comment under the original pin to engage with the pinner.

Don’t spam the feed by pinning 200 images in one sitting.

Do pace yourself and spread your pins out over the day/week/month to create a steady but not overwhelming flow of new material. Good rule of thumb: after you’ve completed the initial build out of your boards and seeded them with starter pins (approx 10-12 per board), you should be adding no more than 5-7 new pins at a time. I know it can be hard to hold back.

Don’t keep your pins to yourself.

Do Tweet and share your pins across other platforms on a regular basis.

Don’t create 50 boards with 2 pins each.

Do create a handful of boards that target specific niches and populate them with at least 10-12 pins each. Then monitor which are getting the most repins and follows. You should move these to the top of your board arrangement and be sure to give them some pin-love regularly to keep your followers engaged and repinning.

Don’t use Pinterest as a sales/advertising tool by sharing only your products or services.

Do use Pinterest as a place to include your goods and services as part of a larger lifestyle view for your potential clients and customers.




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