Brandemonium 2020: The Future of Voice & Marketing

Earlier this month I spoke at the fourth annual Brandemonium conference on “The Future of Voice & Marketing.”

In the presentation, I shared that while the human voice is one of the oldest forms of communication, we’re still finding new ways to push the boundaries of it and blurring the line between human and AI voices. Look no further than world-renowned beatboxer Reeps One and his series We Speak Music to see why.

Here at Sociality Squared, we’re excited about voice technology because it has the potential to transform accessibility by removing barriers and embracing inclusion. Voice will be the interface of the future…and is already here in many facets!

While not every brand needs to create collaborative art with AI like Reeps One, there are some practical ways you can layer in voice into your current content and social media marketing. Here are some ideas I shared with attendees:

  • Create Audiograms like this one (disclaimer: This is an S2 Client)
  • Launch a Podcast
  • Add Audio to Your Blog
  • Test Spotify Ads or Podcast Ads

Social media led to the democratization of brand channels and now we’re seeing the democratization of the consumption of content! We’re not only serving up content for different platforms, we’re creating for visual, audio, video, and written variations for however the viewer prefers to consume the content.

A few examples of layering in voice to blog posts and articles include:

  • This WSJ article that embeds a 1-minute podcast briefing into article that’s included in the briefing, plus there’s a “Listen to this article” option.
  • This Verge article uses leaked audio of Mark Zuckerberg’s own voice when he’s quoted in the article so viewers can both read and hear the quotes.
  • Marie Forleo does a great job of incorporating video of her podcast episodes in addition to the audio versions like in this blog post.

If you registered for Brandemonium, you can watch the video of Helen’s presentation here (start at 9:50).

Have you seen any other clever ways brands or publications have included voice to their content marketing?  Leave your examples as a comment!

Written By:

Helen Todd

Helen Todd is the co-founder and CEO of Sociality Squared, a full service social media agency based in New York City since 2010 who understands the magic of people coming together around what they value and love. Helen is an award-winning marketer, international speaker, and also an advisor and speaker for SXSW Interactive. Helen holds a Master's degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Emerson College.