Sprout Agency Workshop: Rise and Grind 2019

When it comes to online listening and analytics, Sociality Squared uses tools like Sprout Social to understand what content is working and what conversations are taking place across the web. Every strategy and action we take is to make a meaningful impact on our clients’ companies and add value to their communities. We always remember that behind every screen is a person.

Sprout allows us to delve into our clients’ analytics and listen to what’s being said, which in turn helps us create compelling content that will resonate with the communities we’re engaging and growing. 

Sociality Squared is a proud Sprout Social Agency Partner and in 2018, Helen Todd, our CEO spoke on “Content in a 3 Second World” at their Agency Partner Summit in Chicago.

Sprout Social

This year, Helen will speak during their Sprout Agency Workshop: Rise and Grind 2019 event. It’s a virtual three-hour, two-track deep dive into all things agency life, including its unique opportunities and challenges.

Helen’s session “Leading the Way: How to Build an Agile Team Within a Distributed Workforce” will take place on Tuesday, October 29 from 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM EST (10:30-11:15 AM CST).

The panel will be moderated by Maggie Zahm, Manager of Agency Sales at Sprout Social and includes fellow panelists David Chon, Director of Content Marketing, Hawke Media and Gibrán Huerta, Founder + CEO, BIEN Media.

There’s more work than just winning the pitch or delivering awesome campaigns. A critical part of finding success for agency leaders is managing the team—who works with you, what they work on, how they collaborate with each other and with clients, and even where they work.

During the panel, the speakers will explore:

  • How to structure a team and how it can change based on the client
  • Methods to address inclusivity for remote team members
  • Facilitating interactions to ensure all teams are working effectively
  • Balancing cultural fit versus skill set fit
  • Tips on how to work in a remote-friendly and distributed workforce 

Attendees will also leave with practical advice on structuring teams within client work and planning for flexibility and scaling based on client relationships.

This topic is particularly fitting for Helen to speak about! At Sociality Squared, we are a family company. Our talented and diverse team lives and works across the country, in different time zones. We know and embrace that talent can live anywhere, and that helps us better understand our clients’ customers. The whole idea of “behind every screen is a person” starts at home with our own team. And as much as we live in a digital world where we can work anywhere, we also value in-person time whether it’s at a conference or an S2 team retreat.

The Sprout Agency Workshop: Rise and Grind 2019 is for both agency leaders and strategists. You’ll have the chance to connect with other agency professions and uncover tactical advice to me more efficient and effective. We look forward to hearing and learning from our fellow agency professionals. See the full agenda and reserve your spot here.

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Written By:

Kristy Beagle has been with Sociality Squared since 2012 and serves as an Account Executive. Her expertise includes project management, writing, reporting, paid social media campaigns, and overall social media strategy and execution. She’s a one-stop social media machine. Kristy holds a B.A. in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations from Xavier University.