Sociality Squared at SXSW V2V: FEAR: The Other F Word

FEAR: The Other 4 Letter Word”, our second S2-hosted panel to be held on July 16th from 1:45PM – 2:45PM that will take part in the SXSW V2V 2014 programming schedule. This year, our expert panel will delve into how fear, rejection, and ridicule have embedded themselves in our psyche as it applies to sharing your ideas in the most connected era humanity has ever experienced. Using the previous year’s topic of creativity as a springboard, our returning panel of experts will address fear as a part of the creative process – how it can both hold us back and propel us forward. Anyone who has been keeping their world-changing ideas owes it to themselves to listen in and leave more fearless in their own creative endeavors.


SXSW V2V FEAR: The Other F Word
The panel is made up of the following experts: Helen Todd, Adam Marelli, Jim Hopkinson and Jey Van-Sharp. Helen Todd is the CEO and co-founder of Sociality Squared, a social media agency rocking integrated, cross-platform strategies with special expertise in Facebook marketing. Adam Marelli is a photographer who travels around the world teaching photography workshops. Jim Hopkinson is the president of Hopkinson Creative media, author of the book Salary Tutor and host of the podcast “The Hopkinson Report,” which Helen has appeared on. Jey Van-Sharp is a Business Strategist & Market Analyst for MyÜberLife, a company that offers business solutions to brands in fashion, music, and the arts. The four panelists will combine their knowledge from their respective fields and provide tips that attendees can take home and practice in their own lives.



Jim Hopkinson Jim Hopkinson
Hopkinson Creative Media – Pres
Jey Van-Sharp Jey Van-Sharp
MyÜberLife – Business Strategist & Market Analyst
Helen Todd Helen Todd
Sociality Squared – Co-Founder & CEO
Adam Marelli Adam Marelli
Adam Marelli Photo – Instructor for Leica Akademie



SXSW V2V runs through July 13-16, 2014 at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, (Our panel will be located in Belmont 1!) and will bring together innovative leaders from the startup and creative industries for four days of thought-provoking panels, pitch events, mentor sessions, networking and fun. Follow along the conversation online with the hashtag #otherFword! You can also check out the Exploring Creativity Pinterest board for previous collections of work with Jim, Jey, Adam and Helen, including their previous Social Media Week NYC and SXSW V2V 2013.



We also suggest checking out Martin Waxman’s session Supercharged Storytelling for Startups. It’s no longer good enough to get a hit in TechCrunch. Startups need to become their own news hubs, trusted sources of information that surprise, delight and ultimately help their customers. They need to figure out their distribution channels – via social and traditional channels. On Monday, July 14 from 3:00PM – 5:15PM at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Nolita 1.



We hope to see you there!



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