Four Suggestions for SXSW Interactive 2015


Fear & Creativity: Finding Your Craft

This panel, comprised of creatives from the fields of fashion, art and tech, will explore how fear and creativity play roles in the pursuit of finding one’s craft in the context of today where notifications constantly keep us alert and distracted. The audience will leave with actionable items to break through the digital noise to be more creative, thoughtful and fearless in their own endeavors and pursuit of finding their craft.


This panel about fear and creativity comes from a familiar panel of speakers to Sociality Squared. Sociality Squared’s CEO Helen Todd, Jim Hopkinson from Hopkinson Creative Media, Jey Van-Sharp from My Uber Life and Adam Marelli from Adam Marelli Photo. This foursome has spoken together at Social Media Week in New York City and at two previous SXSW V2V events as well. They’ll speak to harnessing fear to fuel creativity, how fear affects us, embodying fearlessness, regaining confidence, and finding your craft.


Supercharged Storytelling for Startups

Rather than waiting for a PR person to get you the holy grail – a hit in TechCrunch, Mashable, Business Insider – startups and brands can become hubs that develop and distribute their own stories and news directly. Create dazzling content in print and multimedia. And build trusted relationships with people who can help spread the word.


Martin Waxman has previously spoken on this topic at SXSW V2V and put up a list of 10 Ways to Get Started on his blog as well. Martin will talk about what companies need to get started producing their own news, why you shouldn’t rely on bloggers and journalists to carry your narrative, how to begin building excitement and awareness to achieve your business goals and when it’s time to hire an agency for social media and PR.


How 140 Characters Can Empower Customers

With social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Yelp readily available on mobile devices, everyone can easily promote their personal customer experiences to others and ultimately influence their social network’s future interactions with a brand. We are all publishers, and poor experience at a store or a positive encounter with a customer service specialist over the phone can spread to thousands of potential customers through hashtags, 140 characters and photos.


This panel is organized by Cara Morgan from Frank PR and features Dawn VonBechmann from Sam’s Club, Josh Golden from Story Worldwide, Ty Shay from SquareTrade and S2xNYC panelist Peter Shankman. They’ll be discussing how a positive customer comment on social media can have benefits like a marketing campaign or ad, how to build lasting relationships with customers, the top service mistakes companies make and how companies should think to incorporate customer service initiatives on social media.


Advanced Facebook Ads for Fun and Profit

This session will sail through the basics and dive deep into Facebook’s most powerful features, demonstrating how to reach the audience that matters to your business. We’ll cover Custom Audiences, Website Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, Multi-Product Ads, Calls to Action, oCPM Optimization, Advanced Demographics & Behaviors and whatever other new features Facebook announces between now and 30 minutes before the session begins.


This is a solo presentation from Zach Greenberger from adMixt, Inc. Zach plans to cover how to reach an audience that matters, using the latest and greatest from Facebook to run a campaign that matters, how to test different ads and targets, how much to spend on Facebook ads and what to do when your Facebook ads aren’t working.


Voting on SXSW Interactive panels with the Panel Picker closes on September 5th, 2014, so hurry and make your voice be heard!


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