YouTube One Channel For All


Introducing the NEW and IMPROVED YOUTUBE ONE CHANNEL for all! As YouTube says, “You are more than the sum of your uploads”, this new format allows you “show off more of your content” through channel art and branding across devices. Read on for how you can reach out to subscribed and non-subscribed viewers for more social media interaction and engagement.


YouTube has been a popular site for individuals to share videos since its official launch in November of 2005. We’ve all spent many hours putting off important tasks just to sit and watch videos of cats playing piano or our favorite celebrities getting out of control. Don’t be ashamed. We’re all guilty of it. But now YouTube isn’t just a site for entertaining clips anymore. Since the launch of the YouTube One Channel in March 2013, brands can now optimize YouTube for marketing in the social media world. We feel it is an important step for brands to take in marketing their name.

YouTube One Channel starts off by letting you upload a welcome video. This is just a quick way to get people introduced to your brand. It is important to have an interesting trailer to really suck your audience in. This will help people understand what you’re selling and also persuade them to subscribe to your Channel.

Then you can add Channel art that will be displayed at the top of your page. The image also has to be 2560 px by 1440 px and will change slightly across different devices (e.g. desktop, mobile and television). You will want to double check how the image appears on all the devices before moving on.  You can then personalize your channel. You can make playlists and put videos into different sections. This allows you to decide exactly what your fans see when they click on your channel and help you get more subscriptions. It is all about the subscriptions.

When fans subscribe to your channel they are more likely to spend longer periods of time there and come back often to watch new content. So it is important to keep your channel fresh and upload new videos. Perhaps make a weekly video or some other regular routine to keep fans coming back for more. Managing your One Channel will require a lot of work and creativity, but we believe it will be worth it in the end. If you are looking for some more tips on maximizing your channel we recommend you visit the YouTube Playbook. We are excited to see these advances taking place in the social media world. Way to go YouTube. We approve.


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