Working with S2: Food Photography for Social Media

Content creation is a key element of any comprehensive social media strategy. Most food brands are posting across many platforms anywhere between 5 times a week to multiple times a day. This creates an ongoing need for dozens of optimized, eye-catching creatives each week.

At S2, we offer a variety of options to our clients to make sure they can have a striking social media presence that also fits their budget, and makes an impact. Keep reading to learn more.

food photography for social media

Food Photography Option #1: Brand Image Library + Stock Photos

We’re able to produce high-quality social creative for our clients without the additional expense of regular, ongoing photoshoots by first leveraging their pre-existing library of brand photos, then supplementing additional needs with professionally manipulated stock photography.

This approach is what the majority of our clients use, most of the time and it’s included in our full service social media management package. With the bulk of social media consumption taking place on mobile, visuals generally don’t need excess detail and instead just need to focus on driving a clear and concrete message across to the viewer.

Additionally, all graphics we produce using these methods are work for hire, which means our clients can use them as they see fit outside of social without having to worry about any additional licensing or fees.

Food Photography Option #2: “iPhonography” & GIFs

Our creative team has pioneered real world lifestyle shots, dubbed “iPhonography.” Mimicking the style of what often organically shows up in social feeds, these photos appear similar to what would be shot by a talented photographer using an iPhone. It produces custom photography that is not overly produced and instantly relatable.

Clients love this option because it gives them full control of the creative — from setting to props to content — at a fraction of the cost of a professional photoshoot.

As a part of this option, we can also shoot and create custom GIFs that bring your product to life in-feed without the need to video production. On top of that, the licensing terms are also work for hire and far less restrictive than traditional photography, so you have more control over how to use the creative once it’s produced.

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Food Photography Option #3: Influencer Photography

S2 is a member of the FOHR network where we find and work with the right influencers to reach your target audience. We create custom programs for our clients that tap influencers to create imagery that will be distributed on both their channels and yours.

If you have flexible brand guidelines and understand the value of near-native advertising on social, Influencer Photography is a fantastic option to explore.

Licensing terms vary by influencer, but tend to be less restrictive. We recommend this approach when trying to reach a specific audience or as a tie-in with a specific campaign.

food photography for social media

Food Photography Option #4: Traditional Photoshoots

Some ideas demand and deserve the full white-glove treatment. In these situations, S2 works with a variety of professional photographers to produce editorial quality, and magazine-ready imagery.

While traditional photoshoots require the biggest budget of options that I’ve touched on today, our clients use them in situations where they want beyond social quality imagery, professional models, and full control over the creative. Our clients have used our photography on their websites, press releases, and in televised programming.

We recommend quarterly shoots based on a single theme to maximize your budget. Do note, licensing terms are more limited than other options depending on photographer.

The Takeaway: Work with S2

To sum all this up, most of our clients mix and match the above options to fit their individual needs. If you’ve been waiting to take your social media marketing to the next level, S2 can handle all of your needs including strategy, content creation, and community, or we can just step in to nail a specific campaign.

Don’t hesitate to reach out and I can provide more details or custom quote for whatever project you have in mind.

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