Will Facebook Add Tracking to Facebook Ads?



All Facebook.com posted yesterday’s news that PayPal became a Facebook Credits Payment Provider. For Facebook self-serving advertisers, this will allow you to pay for your Facebook ads with PayPal too. Currently, you can only pay for Facebook Ads with one credit card which I hope this partnership will change once it’s fully rolled out. In Facebook’s press release, it shares, “We want to give the people who use Facebook, as well as advertisers and developers, a fast and trusted way to pay across our service,” said Dan Levy, director of payment operations, Facebook. “As our business has grown, offering local methods of payment has become increasingly important for advertisers who want to buy Facebook Ads. Teaming with PayPal, a global leader in online payments, makes this possible.” Facebook indicated that the new PayPal integration will be available to all advertisers in the next few weeks.

Nick, from AllFacebook.com, also showed draft of the new payment integration, however what I found most interesting wasn’t the PayPal integration but another feature that currently isn’t available to advertisers: tracking.

While this is only speculation based on this screenshot, it seems that Facebook is testing a tracking service for Facebook ads. This feature would be enormously beneficial for advertisers looking for more metrics and ROI on their ad spend, specifically conversions generated from ads in a similar vein that Google’s Adwords tracking abilities offer. Currently, limited data is known about Facebook ads once a user clicks an ad and goes off of Facebook’s ecosystem (and even clicks through the ad to a Fan Page within Facebook’s platform). There are ways outside of Facebook to track ad performance like coding ad links through a third party lead tracking system. The most direct data advertisers can see from Facebook ads, and is my favorite feature, is the inline ‘Become a fan’ feature. It lets advertisers know exactly how many fans are generated from an ad from the inline fanning button. Of course data on impressions, clicks, clicks rate, actions (clicks on the inline fanning button), actions rate, cost per click (cpc), cost per impression (cpm), unique impressions, unique clicks and unique clicks rate is available to advertisers….but that’s all that is available.

I hope that this feature is rolled out to give Facebook self-serving advertisers more insight into the performance of their Facebook ads in meeting their marketing objectives. What do you think?

Have you seen the new PayPal integration yet? What type of tracking would you like to see with Facebook ads? Share here!

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Helen Todd

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