What’s Next from Facebook? s2 Predicts f8 2014!

Facebook f8 ConferenceThe gathering of Facebook developers and visionaries to discuss the future of Facebook, formally known as f8, is right around the corner. On April 30th, Facebook is more than likely to introduce at least one game changing feature for the social media juggernaut’s ever-evolving website like they did in 2010 to announce better integration of the famous Like button and in 2011, when we first met the Timeline.


F8 kicks off later today and we are excited to hear all of the latest news live from San Francisco, we can’t help but to toss our own predictions into the mix! Here is our f8 forecast:


A Facebook Powered Mobile Ad Network
This prediction comes with help from re/code. Word is that Facebook is going to be unveiling  a mobile ad network. Mobile ads generated Facebook over $1 billion in the last three months of 2013, which was more than half of Facebook’s total ad revenue. By adding an external network to their advertising options, Facebook will also be collecting extremely valuable retargeting information. Extending the Facebook ad network out to the greater web makes perfect sense.


A Wider Rollout of Facebook Business Manager
Facebook presents a huge opportunity for companies to communicate with their communities, but the ever expanding offerings that Facebook presents can feel disjointed at times. Something we’ll most likely see at f8 is a wider release of the Business Manager, which was introduced in mid-March of this year. Business Manager is Facebook’s attempt to streamline the management of a business’ Facebook presence which centralizes access to the Page Manager, Power Editor and ads manager.


More Influence On Search Engines
Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, may be onto something by featuring Facebook content amongst its search results, and it’s a trend that should become more common across the major search engines. For example, if you were to search “Netflix” on Bing, you’ll see any mention of the movie streaming service from your Facebook contacts alongside the normal results. Since Bing provides its users with personalized search results and Facebook gets even more advertising, it’s a win-win that more search engines will probably pick up on.


Another Play at Snapchat’s Audience?
It’s hard to deny Snapchat’s popularity amongst anyone with a mobile device, and while Facebook has dipped it’s toe into these waters before, it’s entirely possible that we’ll see another attempt for Facebook to jump into the ephemeral chatting sphere once more.


We’ll admit that this isn’t an actual prediction but everyone seems to be thinking that everyone is coming out with wearable technology, so why not Facebook as well? This sounds less farfetched after Facebook’s purchase of  the makes of the iPhone app Moves. Wearable technology is something that fascinates us at Sociality Squared and we’re excited to see whatever comes next. If Facebook announces something wearable you heard it here first!


What We Read on Secret

Facebook f8 Secret

Who knows what Facebook has been cooking up since that last f8 conference all the way back in 2011, but we’re happy to see it brought back and we’ll see if we read the tea-leaves correctly soon enough! How many of our f8 theories do you think hold water? It’s always nice to hear from you, so why not share your f8 2014 wish lists and predictions in the comments below? Our CEO Helen Todd will be there in person and we’ll report back…

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