What Facebook Notifications for Pages Means for You



If you have a personal account on Facebook than you are familiar with the Facebook Notifications function. They are pop ups you receive each time someone writes on your Wall, likes or comments something you posted or also liked or commented on, posts in a group you’re a part of, invites you to an event, changes the details for an event… you get the idea. These notifications can also be received via email or sent to your mobile phone depending on your settings. You can even subscribe to your notifications via RSS. These notifications help you to keep track of activity on Facebook that is pertinent to you. Whether you spend all day on Facebook as some of us are prone to do (points at self) or if you only pop in on occasion, you could always track the important stuff.

Page admins didn’t have the same luxury up until a couple of days ago. There was no simple way of tracking activity on your page so the only way you could check for new updates was to check the page regularly. For pages with less activity checking it a couple times a day might be sufficient, but those with more active pages require keeping a constant eye on the Wall throughout the day.

So how does this affect your life as a page admin? In theory, you have the ability to subscribe to your page’s notifications via RSS. I say in theory because it wasn’t working when I tried it, but hopefully Facebook will fix this bug soon. Once you subscribe to the notifications the updates will come right to your RSS reader of choice. You have the option of having it sent to your inbox as well. If you have an particularly active Facebook page that may become overwhelming. For example, I manage one client’s page that has over 100k fans. So when I receive a notification  like “50 friends have posted on your Wall” it doesn’t quite help me track. This is definitely a feature that works best for small business pages rather than for large brands. Essentially, new posts/likes/comments on your page now come to you, you no longer have to go to your page to check for them.

So what do you plan on doing with all those hours you now won’t be spending refreshing your Facebook page?

Post written by Biana Bakman aka @bianalog. To learn more from fbadz.com, become a fan!

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