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A custom welcome tab is a great way to convert visitors to your Facebook fan page into fans and grow your presence on Facebook. is setting up our own fan page and this video walks you through the steps of how to create a custom welcome tab with an image and make it the default tab for non-fans when they visit your fan page. This is done using the FBML application on Facebook. FBML is Facebook’s mark-up language, similar to HTML, and it allows for complete customization of Facebook fan pages. The steps outlined in the video are below.


1. Create a welcome tab image that’s 520 pixels wide. To be viewed without scrolling, the maximum height should be 500px. Note: You can use 750px as the maximum width but Facebook will be changing this spec to 520. Tip: Have a strong call to action for viewers to become a fan of your page.

2. Host the image online. Tip: is a great photo hosting resource if you don’t have your own server.

3. Go to your Facebook fan page’s admin management portal. You can access this by clicking the ‘Edit Page’ link that appears right beneath the fan page’s profile picture.

4. Add the ‘Static FMBL’ application to your fan page. To do this, scroll down to the bottom of the page. There will be a box that reads ‘More Applications.’ Click the ‘Browse More’ link. Or simply go straight to the applications directory here: Search for ‘Static FBML.’ Click on the ‘Static FBML’ search result. Then click the link ‘Add to my page’ that appears right beneath the profile picture of the app’s page. On the pop-up box, click “Add to Page” beside the fan page that you want to add the custom tab on. Your fan page admin area will now have the Static FBML app in the admin management portal.

5. Once the FMBL application is added to your fan page, go back to the admin management portal and click ‘Edit’ in the Static FBML box.

6. Type the name of your tab in the “Box Title” field – this is what will appear on the actual tab navigation area. Examples include “Become a Fan” or “Welcome”.

7. Type this html/fbml code into the FBML editing area:

<center><img src=”LINK TO YOUR IMAGE GOES HERE”></center>

8. Click ‘Save Changes’

9. Go back into your admin management portal and find the FBML application. It will have the title of the tab in the name.

10. Click ‘Application Settings’

11. Click ‘remove’ beside the box option and ‘add’ by the tab option. It should look like this when you’re complete:

Box:  Available (add)

Tab:  Added (remove)

12. Your tab is now live!

13. If it’s buried, you can make it visible on your fan page by moving it to the top 6 tabs that are shown on fan pages. To do this, click the arrows tab that appears to the far right of the visible tabs. Click your custom tab and drag it to the visible tabs area. The tab that was closest to the arrows tab will now be buried.

14. To make the tab the landing tab for non-fans of your page, go to the Wall and select the ‘Options’ link that appears right beneath the status update publisher. It has a little looking glass icon. (You can also edit the Wall Settings in the admin portal area too.)

15. Then click ‘Settings’ link.

16. For the option ‘Default Landing Tab for Everyone Else:’ select your custom tab from the drop-down b0x. It will be listed as the name of your tab.

17. Congratulations! You’ve created a custom landing tab for your Facebook fan page for non-fans!

Have you seen any great welcome tabs on Facebook? Have any questions about custom tabs or boxes on Facebook fan pages? Share here!

Post written by Helen Todd aka @helenstravels. To learn more from, become a fan!

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Helen Todd

Helen Todd is the co-founder and CEO of Sociality Squared, a full service social media agency based in New York City since 2010 who understands the magic of people coming together around what they value and love. Helen is an award-winning marketer, international speaker, and also an advisor and speaker for SXSW Interactive. Helen holds a Master's degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Emerson College.