Top Five New Myspace Profiles

Who’s doing the New Myspace right (so far)? We share who’s profiles are catching our eye.

Last week we shared some of our first impressions about the new.myspace. Even though the new.myspace is still in the uphill climb of attracting and converting users, we want to share a few examples of some new.myspace profiles that caught our attention this week and are rocking and rolling on the revamped social media site.

1. Justin Timberlake

Surprise, surprise (well, not really), who has one of the most active, connected-to sites on the new.myspace? None other than Justin Timberlake himself. Considering Timberlake saw the potential in a redesigned Myspace and invested the resources to make it happen, it’s not that big of a shock that Mr. Timberlake is using the site exactly as he envisioned: as an amped up promotional vehicle. He put that vehicle to good use, taking pleasure in teasing fans who were anxiously awaiting the release of his new song, Suit & Tie. The new.myspace amps up the song release experience; it’s not quite as interactive, or “social”, as Facebook, but it knocks us out with it’s stunning graphics. Check out JT’s Page on Facebook and then compare it to his new.myspace Profile. New.myspace is a smoother  place to experience images and music.

Justin Timberlake New Myspace

2. Seviant™ Imagery & Design

In keeping in line with the beautiful visual appeal of the new.myspace, Seviant Imagery & Design, a Visual Arts and Photography Studio based in Los Angeles, is a company that’s doing a great job of leveraging the new.myspace’s strengths to showcase their work. They’ve done a nice job not only with eye-catching images on their main profile, but also with adding albums to showcase various styles of work they’ve done and linking it back to their website to drive business. You could say instead of a music playlist, they’re using visual “playlists”, or albums, on the new.myspace to promote their work to an audience they feel will connect with their style.

Seviant™ Imagery & Design

3. Artist HQ

As we’ve mentioned previously, the new.myspace was created for artists: photographers, musicians, filmmakers and fashion brands. They’ll all feel at home here. The thing is, it takes a little time to work through the kinks of a new site and most people don’t have a lot of extra time to learn. That’s where Artist HQ comes in. Touted as “A source of info for Artists on Myspace”, it’s basically the new.myspace’s help page for all the artists trying to get their images and music up and running on the site. It’s really handy. This is the page where you’ll find answers, as it’s only page we’ve come across so far that’s designed for interaction in a customer service/FAQ style. It’s a great page to know about as you get started on the new.myspace.

Artist HG

4. Beyonce

Beyonce has one of the most connected-to profiles going, and it’s not too hard to see why. She and other beautiful celebrities are definitely using the power of pictures to their advantage on the new.myspace. What Beyonce has also used to her advantage is the video feature. The Singer, songwriter, record producer, actress, dancer, choreographer, model, fashion designer and businesswoman has got a page stock full of gorgeous videos. Unlike YouTube or Facebook, there’s no need to mess with the view once you start. Each time you press play, the videos pop out for your visual pleasure.


5. Josh and Dugg

You may not have heard about Josh and Dugg. Neither had we, but the Discovery feature is a beautiful thing, and if you interact enough you get noticed. This songwriting duo has been doing a great job of attracting interaction on their page. Most music pages get a lot of comments on their photos, etc., however, these two have inspired a lot of people to reach out to them and have a profile full of messages, one of the few we’ve seen that isn’t strictly image focused (not to say they don’t feature some fancy photos as well). They seem to truly use the space as a place to network and connect with fans as well as other artists. Shall we just say, the Discovery feature is a wonderful way for brands and artists to get noticed, especially when they are the early adopters such as this duo. Put up some eye catching artwork, interact and bam! You’ve got new fans.

Josh and Dugg

So, what can we learn from these early new.mypace profiles? You’d have to be blind not to see it’s an image game. Images – especially those cover and profile photos – are of the utmost importance when staking your claim on the new.mypace. Intriguing, sharp images will be what pull users to connect. We’re not sure exactly how the backend is run yet (i.e. will there be a Facebook-style algorithm?), but it can never hurt to encourage interaction with your content, whether it’s a playlist for that film you’re promoting, album for the latest show at your gallery, or, to follow Justin Timberlake’s lead, teasers about your new album release. Have fun exploring and connect with us here.

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Post written by Tia Marie Kemp aka @TiaMarieKemp. To learn more from Sociality Squared, become a fan!

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