Sociality Squared’s Guide to Twitter’s Audio Cards

 note: This is an addendum to our guide to Twitter Cards.

Twitter has recently launched the Audio Card; a new feature that joins the service’s growing family of media sharing Cards, and now there has never been an easier way to share music through Twitter.


The anatomy of an Audio Card is straightforward enough: It is a tweet containing an embedded audio file which allows users to play the track inside of their feed as they continue enjoying Twitter. Creating an Audio Card is as easy as pressing the “Share” button underneath the track that you wish to share on Soundcloud, followed by clicking on the the iconic Twitter bird. Simple as that!


Audio Cards are to anyone looking for a way to easily share their songs with fans as Photo Cards are for someone with a stunning image to proudly display, making this Card a blessing for musicians and publishers worldwide. A large range of top tier artists and content publishers are already taking advantage of the ease of use and far-reaching effect that Audio Cards have, such as Deadmau5, NPR, Chromeo, NASA, and Glenn Beck.


Any song published to Soundcloud can be placed in an Audio Card. At the moment only certain tracks are compatible with iTunes, but Apple’s library of Audio Card ready tracks will surely grow over time. We should also note that Soundcloud and Apple are currently the only two official partners that can be used to create Twitter’s Audio Cards, and that Audio Cards work seamlessly with IOS and Android devices.


It’s an exciting time to jump onto the Audio Card bandwagon for those in the music industry, as Twitter is currently looking to include additional streaming partners and content producers for this young media sharing tool. In the meantime, stay tuned!


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