Size Matters When It Comes To Social Media Marketing


Knowing character count limits and image size recommendations for social media sites are important to helping you grow and sustain a relationship with your users. Here you’ll find that size really does matter and can make a difference! Read on for more information and refer to Biznik’s article that goes a little more in depth.


For Facebook Fan Pages:

  • Keep your Profile/Fan Page Photo: Up to 540 Pixels Long by 180 Pixels Wide
  • Make sure the Front Page Box (Under Photo): 242 characters to write a brief description – include keywords whenever possible!
  • Status Update Posts: Limits are 420 characters! Sometimes you can get more if you are copy/pasting from somewhere else, or if you are using Facebook Events, you have an unlimited number of characters to work with.
  • To Optimize Facebook: According to Post Rocket, statuses around 90 characters in length to garner about 80% more engagement!

On the Info Tab:

  • Under Website: You may use up to 720 characters. Though you probably will not use all 720, include important social media platforms you are using to attract a wide audience. Be sure to include the http:// portion of the URL – with one per line because this section will turn every word into a clickable link.
  • Company Overview: You can include up to 840 characters to describe what your business does, how you serve customers, and your locations. Include pertinent information you would want your audience to know about your business and how they can conduct business with you. To Optimize: Post about 78 characters or less because that is what appears under the image on the page! (10 Tips to Optimize Facebook for Brand Visibility)
  • Company Mission: You may use up to 840 characters to describe your company’s goals and values as well as future expectations.
  • Products: Up to 600 characters may be used to describe the types of products or services you offer.


For Twitter:

  • Custom Background Images: Keep the photo 1255 x 555 pixels maximum, with the central space for the Twitter Feed being 450 Pixels wide. Arrange the image so that anything you would like to be seen is separated by 450 pixels of blank space.
  • Biography: KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID – you cannot use more than 160 characters.
  • Posts: You may use anything under 140 characters. If you’d like to use links, shrink them from or other websites that bring the character count lower.
  • To Optimize Twitter: Post Tweets around 120-130 characters in length! (6 Tips for Improving Twitter Click-Throughs)


For WordPress or Blog Sites:

  • For Content: Usually unlimited so write as much as you’d like! However, do write just enough to engage your reader and keep them entertained, otherwise you’ll lose your fan base real quick!
  • Header Image: These vary by themes you are using, however a general good size is 760 pixels wide by 200 pixels wide.
  • Title: Keep your title SHORT, SWEET, and TO THE POINT! You want to give a general idea of what the content is about, but perhaps not giving it all away at once.


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