Show the Sunnier Side of Business


Now with Memorial Day Weekend behind us summer has officially begun here in the US. A lot of companies undo their proverbial ties a bit during summer and let the fun in. Does your office host happy hours? Do you have half day Fridays? Do you take field trips or host field days to give your employees a break from the daily grind and boost morale?

Whether you are running a very conservative business or a scrappy start-up, most companies find time to take a break from work and let loose. The content on your Facebook page should follow suit. It’s okay and even encouraged to let down the fourth wall every once in a while and allow folks to see the fun that is had behind the scenes.

The people that like your page aren’t just customers; they are also potential employees, investors, friends and family of employees. They understand and appreciate that taking breaks and having fun is a necessary part of running a business. Chances are that they will gain even more respect for your company as one that treats employees well.

This can be something as simple as sharing a photo from the office happy hour or posting a video of some of the quirky office rituals. You can even get your Facebook audience in on the fun. Ask them for their favorite recipes for the company picnic. Have them choose the winner of the office Halloween costume party. Just because the summer ends doesn’t mean the fun must too.

I encourage sharing useful and relevant content with your audience on a regular basis, but another major purpose of your Facebook page is to show the human face behind the business. People relate to other people more than logos, so show your customers the faces behind your logo.

Post written by Biana Bakman aka @bianalog. To learn more from, become a fan!

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