Pinterest’s Buyable Pins: The Next Big E-commerce Hub?


Since 87% of Pinterest users claim to have purchased something online after seeing it on Pinterest, the new “Buyable Pins” feature is a massive game-changer that will start the metamorphosis of the site from an image-sharing social media hangout to a thriving marketplace. The first iteration of Buyable Pins has recently launched, and the feature will need to become more accessible to a wider audience of buyers and sellers, but if you have a presence on Pinterest, and would welcome an additional storefront that is already accessed by millions of fresh-faced potential customers, now is the time to get ready:

What Are Buyable Pins?

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Buyable Pins are easily identified from normal pins by the blue “Buy it” button placed to the left of the iconic red “Pin it” button. These pins can be discovered on the user’s home feed and by searching Pinterest. Users can purchase items on Pinterest using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, etc.) or Apple Pay. Pinterest’s Buyable Pins are completely free for sellers to create and use, and no fees are collected from completed transactions.

Who Can Benefit From Buyable Pins?

Nordstrom Throwback Buyable
Pinterest users living in the United States who browse Pinterest via the official Pinterest iPhone or iPad app can access Buyable Pins. Desktop and Android users are slated to start seeing Buyable Pins in future releases.

A handful of major retailers, including Nordstrom, Macy’s and Neiman Marcus already have millions of Buyable Pins live on Pinterest, with more on the way. More importantly, individuals who run their online shops through Demandware and Shopify can start listing Buyable Pins now.

If you run a business through Shopify, log into your profile, and enable the Pinterest channel to get started. Demandware clients should contact their customer success manager to learn how to enable Buyable Pins.

Preparing For Pinterest’s Ecommerce Future:

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Considering that it’s currently the 16th most popular website in the United States, and the 40th in the world, the ability to market and sell goods directly to the 72.8 million dedicated Pinterest users is an incredible opportunity for online merchants.

Since Buyable Pins are currently limited to a smaller group of sellers and Pinterest users, now is the perfect opportunity to establish your brand on Pinterest. Get ahead of your competition by creating and maintaining a presence on Pinterest, so you can launch your new marketplace directly in front your fans once Buyable Pins become available to you. Keep in mind that 75% of all Pinterest use is done via smart phones and tablets, so make sure that your Pinterest profile looks amazing on mobile devices! Pin images that highlight your merchandise in a creative and visually interesting way to lure users to your profile. Research other major brands that have taken to Pinterest to see what works for them, such as SOREL, Bath & Body Works, IKEA USA, Fossil, and Lacoste. Don’t feel like you need to become a Pinterest master overnight, and keep in mind that Pinterest is not a perfect fit for every business, but if you feel like your audience would appreciate Pinterest, start researching Pinterest as soon as possible.

It may be a little while before Pinterest allows every online seller access to Buyable Pins, but it would be to the benefit of any e-retailer to keep a close eye on how Pinterest rolls out this exciting feature, and to take the time to seriously consider Pinterest for your brand in the meantime. Trust us, you won’t be the only one watching Pinterest’s Buyable Pins with great interest, and we’ll be sure to share more news and information as we get it!

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