People Have Questions for Your Facebook Page, Give Them Answers

When it comes to our clients at Sociality Squared, we make a point to answer every question. This isn’t just in our conference calls and email, we make a point to answer every question posed to our clients on social media, and you should too. This isn’t the norm according to social media analytics firm Quintly’s latest research.




According to Quintly, more than 50% of questions posted to Facebook Pages go unanswered. These questions are left in the “Posts to Page” area of your Facebook Page. An unanswered question in that area represents a lack of listening.  The people who have posted to your page went through the extra effort to navigate to your page, leave their inquiry and as a result of their efforts?  You’ve left them in the cold.


How to Combat This

  • When you post content to your Facebook Page, make sure to check the “Posts to Page” section.
  • Have boilerplate answers ready for your most asked questions. If you get those questions often enough, use a typing shortcut utility to save you time.
  • Know and understand that this is the easiest way to continue the dialogue with your community on Facebook.

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