Our Favorite Super Bowl XLVIII Tweets from Brands


There’s the Super Bowl and then there are the other bowls: #puppybowl, #adbowl and everything in-between trying to grab your attention. This year we saw many commercials “leaked” online first, hashtags used instead of Facebook URLs and a great post-game commercial promoting a Twitter giveaway from Esurance. We also saw memes made on the spot from users, and some brands doing some great – and entertaining – tweets. Here are our favorite Super Bowl Big Game tweets:



JC Penny

JC Penny didn’t have a Super Bowl commercial, but you’d never know based on the amount of people tweeting about them. It all started with one weird typo ridden tweet and eventually that snowballed into the reveal of #TweetingWithMittens. Did it work? Yes. And it was fun.




The talk of last year was all Oreos all the time. Thanks to YouTube and early releases of commercials we saw brands reacting to brands. Tide was using Vine to create their own commercials based on other commercials.




Speaking of being reactionary, here’s a clever one from Heinz. Who doesn’t love a pun? My guess was that Denver wasn’t too thrilled with this one in particular.



DiGiorno Pizza

DiGiorno Pizza’s Twitter account was like anyone else watching the game. Snarky, full of puns and having a good time. #DiGiorNOYOUDIDNT was a great idea and was a great example of on-brand real time marketing in action.




Airbnb’s reaction to Kia’s luxury commercial was not only on point, but it also pulled people into the Airbnb site to look at what they had to offer.


Is there another brand we should add to the list? Let us know!

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