Nobody’s Working for the Weekend!



It’s now 3 pm here in NYC and many of you have already clocked out of work (mentally and/or physically) for the weekend. Just because you’ve abandoned your desk for the next few days and are making the mass exodus to parts elsewhere for BBQs, beaches and fireworks doesn’t mean you should leave your Facebook Page to the birds.

Your fans will likely be spending lots of time on Facebook this weekend–solidifying plans, posting and viewing pictures and doing what they do best, being social. So instead of ignoring your fans this weekend you should follow suit. If you’re a business that caters to the 4th of July crowd (restaurant, bar, tourist attraction) then by all means keep your connections informed of what you can offer them this weekend. For all other businesses, you should use this opportunity to let your hair down so to say and be social with your audience!

While you may think your company announcement is the most important topic this weekend, chances are it will get lost amidst the sea of 4th of July fun. Your audience will be far more receptive to your business news once they get back to business next week. Instead, invite them to engage with you by asking about them. Ask them what their weekend plans are, their favorite BBQ food or what they love most about the 4th of July. Whatever the question, it should be audience focused and timely. You’re tapping into people’s love of talking about themselves and you’ll gain unique insight about your connections.

So make sure to tap into your social side this weekend. Leave us a comment and share your plans for 4th of July weekend!

Post written by Biana Bakman aka @bianalog. To learn more from, connect with us on Facebook!

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