Is your Facebook Page ready for the spotlight?



Facebook pages are popping up all over advertisements online and offline. Some companies are even choosing to list the custom URL of their brand’s Facebook page instead of the company website. There is a potential to reach a much larger audience by sending people to Facebook with its inherently viral features than your website, which would most likely be a single, isolated visit. John Doe can connect to your company with one click of the “like” button and begin receiving regular updates. That news then reaches John’s friends on Facebook as a social action. “John likes” Whereas if John visits your website he may stay a few moments and he may even buy something, but the chance of him telling his friends about you are far less likely.

Unlike your website which may stay static for months and not require much attention, your page on Facebook must be monitored regularly to ensure you’re putting on your best face. Before sending customers to your page on Facebook think about these criteria.

Branded: If someone were visiting your page for the first time would it be clear that they’ve come to the right place? Do you have a custom URL? Ex. Once you reach 25 connections you can register for a vanity URL at Does your profile picture include your logo? That pizza may look delicious, but there are thousands of pizza shops in the US alone so how do I know if your Luigi’s Pizza is the one I’m looking for?

Informative: Does the info tab actually contain information about your company? The blurb box (below the profile picture) and the info tab should answer the basic questions about your company: What do you offer? If you’re a brick and mortar business–Where are you located? How can you be reached?

Updated: When was the last time you posted an update to the wall? If you created a Facebook page for your company and haven’t done anything with it for months, you’re better off sending fans to your website. By leaving your page static you’re missing the opportunity to stay top of mind with current and potential customers.

Responsive: Are you keeping the conversation going? Whether customers are raving about your business, asking for advice or complaining about the bad experience they had, you should be responding to them. Yes that’s right…you shouldn’t remove a comment just because someone complained. Instead, you should show them and other connections that you are responsive and willing to rectify the situation. Turning around a bad customer experience can prove far more valuable than a sea of rave reviews.

Remember that having a presence on Facebook and any other social media platform for that matter, is a long-term commitment. Creating a page is step one, but before you announce it to the world make sure it’s properly branded and well-maintained.

Post written by Biana Bakman aka @bianalog. To learn more from, connect with us on Facebook!

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