Introducing Facebook’s “Call to Action Buttons”


In late 2014, Facebook created an incredibly easy way for Facebook pages to direct visitors to important content without cluttering up their banner image with advertising or worrying about the infamous “20% rule” with the “Call to Action” button. This new button is placed just to the left of the iconic Like button and can be customized with both a simple message and a direct link to anything you want your viewership to experience.

It is incredibly simple to set up this new feature: To get started, sign in with admin access to the Facebook page and click on the “Create Call-to-action” button beside the Like button. From there, select the best direct message for your fans such as “Use App” or “Play Game”, and insert a link to your app, game, subscription page, contact site or whatever else your Facebook profile is advertising. Once you click “Create”, you’re all done, and the new Call to Action button is activated and ready to help drive people to your most important content.

Since Call to Action buttons have rolled out, many Facebook pages were quick to adopt the new interactive feature. Here are a few of our favorite examples of effective Call to Action buttons:


Contact Us - Jax Zoo

Contact Us – Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens


A well-run zoo is a busy place behind the scenes, and the Jacksonville Zoo is an exceptionally well-run zoo! What better way to aid inquisitive visitors, volunteers, teachers and anyone with zoo-related business than providing a handy link to their extensive contact directory at the top of their Facebook page?


Play Game - Cinder

Play Game – Killer Instinct


When Microsoft realized that their revival of the classic fighting game “Killer Instinct” would be a hit with long-time fans, they embraced Facebook, Twitter, forums and other social media platforms so followers could get the latest news about Cinder, the blazing alien-human hybrid, and the game’s other wild fighters. It’s only natural to feature a Play Game button that takes viewers to Killer Instinct’s hub on so that new players can learn how to get the free game for themselves.


Sign Up - Hulu

Sign Up – Hulu


Cable-cutting television content provider Hulu takes the straightforward route by creating a Sign Up button that brings users to their new subscriber page. If you provide a service, hosting a Sign Up button on your company’s Facebook profile which delivers people directly to the subscription area of your official site certainly helps to push sales to future customers.

Book Now - Hotels


Book Now –


The Book Now button on’s Facebook page simply takes users to, and it does exactly what potential customers would expect it to do. Note that the Book Now button would also be handy for major events, festivals, concerts and ticket selling platforms.


Use App - Skype

Use App – Skype


Skype, Microsoft’s popular telecommunication application, does an incredible job of helping users to download their program by taking interested users to a website that details how to download the official Skype app to PC, mobile devices, tablets, home phones, TVs, Xbox One, iPod Touch and beyond. Anyone who has a device that can use Skype will learn exactly how to download it after clicking this dedicated Use App button.

Fitstar for blog

Use App – FitStar


FitStar is a popular fitness app that was recently acquired by fitness giant FitBit. They live on mobile devices, so it is all the more important that they be able to get people to people to download their app in a way that is as streamlined as possible. Since most Facebook users are engaging with their favorite companies through the Facebook App, there is no better way to send users directly to the App Store than through this easy to use Call to Action button.


Watch Video - 3M


Watch Video – 3M


If you’re a company based in science and invention like 3M, what can you provide with a Call to Action button? The brilliant minds behind Post-it, Scotchgard and ScotchBlue linked their Watch Video button to a beautiful ad hosted on YouTube that showcases how their scientific innovations help you and countless other people around the world each and every day.


While we hope to see additional messages added in the near future such as “Donate Now” and “Apply Now”, we’re happy to see Facebook’s interface evolve for the better with Call to Action buttons. If you’ve published an app or videogame, run a business or service, or need to directly point out to your base exactly where they can get in touch with you, there’s no excuse not to install one on your Facebook page. Here’s hoping that we see more great Facebook innovations in the near future!


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