How to Create Engaging Facebook Posts



One of the most common reasons that more businesses don’t start blogging is that they don’t have the time nor material to update every single day. This is also one of the reasons that keeps some brands from making the jump to Facebook. They just assume that they don’t have enough going on to update a page frequently enough to keep people interested. Well, the good news is that there are many different methods for posting engaging material that will endear fans to your brand. You just have to learn about them and implement the tips.


So if you’re looking for great ways to engage your users to your Facebook post material, then keep reading below and implement these tips. We’ll discuss the frequency with which you should post, the type of material you should post, and the tone you should take when posting material. By focusing on the quality and content of your page posts, you can start to build some serious engagement.


7 Tips for Increasing Engagement with Your Posts


1: Update Regularly

A brand actively seeking engagement should be posting regularly. Depending on your area and what your followers expect, this could be once a day, twice a day or even five times a day.  The idea here is to always attempt to get in the News Feeds of your base (without coming across as a spammer, of course). Try out what posting frequency works best for your brand.

You can greatly increase your reach by paying for advertising, but for right now, just focus on the quality of your posts and attempt to deliver something intriguing via page post once every day.


2: Keep up with the Trends

Updating daily may be a tall task depending on what your company is doing, so it’s important to find material out there worth releasing. Of course, you want the bulk of your material to be useful for your niche and aimed directly at solving a problem. But you could also keep up with current trends and topics to stay relevant and to draw a reaction from the crowd.


3: Be Catchy in Your Topics 

Just because someone takes the time to read your posts doesn’t mean they’re engaging with them (from Facebook’s view point). If they’re not liking, sharing, commenting, or taking some other sort of action, then they’re not engaging. Of course there is value in having people reading the updates, but in an ideal situation people read the posts and then take some kind of action.

There’s no real measure outside of their actions to say whether or not your posts are being well received. So the idea here is to be catchy in your posts and to give people a reason to check them out and to take action. Think of posts as ½ informative, ½ entertaining.


4: Ask Questions

What’s a great way to get someone interested in actually acting along with your posts? Well, it’s all about providing the opportunity. Asking questions and providing things like polls and questionnaires will entice more people to engage with you. Don’t be shy about asking questions, even if it’s something as simple as, “What do you think about our new logo?” or something else related to your brand.


5: Post Your Milestones

As a growing company, you’re going to experience some important milestones. And as a brand using Facebook to grow, your followers are along for the ride. Posting about your milestones on your page gives your followers something to engage with. It creates more of an enveloping brand experience. It also gives you a good opportunity to add new posts to your schedule without seeming like you’re just trying to fill space to get some quick notice.


6: Show a Personal Side

When you’re working to create your Facebook post, you should think about adding a little personal touch now and again. Posts that are strictly information-based or that deal only with your products and services can get a bit boring. Not everyone wants to spend their time engaging. Showing something more personal, however, lets people see a completely different side of your brand. It allows for a peek behind the proverbial curtain.


7: Mix up Your Material

There’s nothing wrong with text-based posts, and there’s nothing wrong with posting a photo or video. The trick here is that you want to mix and match. Adding variety in your posts will keep people a lot more engaged with your posts. When it comes to posting pictures, you literally have endless options. Whether it’s a chart or graph you create, one of the many memes out there you can personalize, or custom videos or anything else, you can mix things up and keep your posts exciting.


Working to be as engaging as possible is very important when you’re trying to grow your brand on Facebook. The good news here is that you can do a lot by simply making a few changes to your basic page posts.





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