How One Small Change Grew New Likes Over 75x


A simple and easy message that will get in front of nearly everyone that steps onto an American Airlines flight. That’s half a million passengers being reminded (possibly multiple times per flight) to connect with American Airlines on Twitter and Facebook each day.


What was American Airlines’ cost to implement this change? Exceptionally minimal. Each napkin with that message was going to be printed regardless of what was printed. Instead showing their passengers another american Airlines logo, they’re subtly promoting their social accounts.


We recently suggested a change to a client that was equally as innocuous. In their app we suggested that they display a link to their Facebook page to people who had installed a fresh copy of the app. Once they made the change, the results were immediate. Organic growth on their Facebook page grew from 30 new Likes per day to an average of 2,000 new Likes per day. With our suggestion to optimize their app, their Facebook page is on track to double in audience size by the end of the year.

Chart of New Likes

The art to this kind of change is subtlety. You’re looking to hit the effective frequency with your message without bashing anyone over the head with it. Take a look at what opportunities you have to promote your social channels. Don’t be afraid to tell your customers or users that they can connect with your company. Receipts? Emails? Napkins? Flyers? In app links? What opportunities can you leverage?


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