Ho-Ho How to Create & Share a Holiday Gift Guide on Social Media


It’s that time again; there’s a crisp chill in the air, your social media feeds are filled with cheerful displays, and the online vendors are sent into a wild frenzy to process countless holiday orders! With more online transactions completed now more than any other time of the year, it’s an excellent time to create and share a custom gift guide for your fans. With our jolly social media tips, your followers will learn about this season’s ultimate must-have presents, and they’ll be more than happy to set your gift guide’s top picks under the tree this year:

Pinterest Is Perfect For Holiday Gift Guides

Explain how to show, not tell, the coolest stuff on your list, use good pictures, many people buy stuff on Pinterest, re-share Pinterest stuff on other social media platforms, etc.

Considering that the vast majority of Pinterest users have bought at least one pinned product that caught their interest, we absolutely recommend making a special pin board to display your annual gift guide. To get started, pin a series of high quality photographs featuring your top gifts to a special board, and include a helpful description of each item, as well as a link to its accompanying storefront so viewers can easily purchase their favorites. Once you’ve got your ultimate gift guide board looking as festive as it is useful for potential holiday shoppers, be sure to share it across all of your other social media platforms. Since Pinterest is a visual medium, keep in mind that your number one goal is to clearly display just how fantastic the items on your gift guide are, so the more creative and crystal-clear your images are, the better the chances are that your perfect presents will turn heads this season!

Blogging about Presents

It’s hard to go wrong with a classic gift guide blog article, so think about making a “Top 10 Presents of 20XX” to get the word out. The crew at PCMag have their gift guides down to a science by starting off with a catchy title, like “7 Tech Gifts for Your Pampered Pet” or “The Best Star Wars Gifts for Wannabe Jedi” and an eye-catching photo, which leads to a slideshow of high-resolution images and links to buy their favorite presents. Remember to keep the tone of your holiday-helping article upbeat and jolly, and don’t forget to provide valuable commentary on each gift suggestion, including a description of what the product does, and why anyone would be thrilled to see it under the tree, or else your gift guide runs the risk of becoming a mere wish list! If your gift guide is hosted on your own website, consider signing up for the Amazon Associates program, so you earn a percentage of every sale made directly through your gift guide for an extra treat for the holidays. Be sure to share your gift guides across your social media platforms, and to encourage fans to do so as well.

Unwrap Our Bonus Tips!

There are many creative ways to share a gift guide via social media, such as tweeting out a list of photo cards on Twitter, sharing stellar shots of your favorite presents on Instagram, and driving fan interaction on Facebook by asking questions about the items to your followers. If you know about any special sales or deals for the gifts, include them so your readers will appreciate your guide that much more. Make sure to reply to any incoming questions and comments about the items in your guide, especially if you weren’t able to be as detailed as you would’ve liked due to the limitations of the more text-restrictive social media sites, and do your best to provide both helpful information and holiday cheer.

Ok, so we’ve showed you how to create and share your supreme holiday gift guide for the biggest social media impact, but as far as what to place on your list, we’ll leave that up to your personal tastes. That said, rumor has it that there’s a jolly old elf living at the North Pole who knows a thing or two about gift giving…

Good luck, and Happy Holidays from the Sociality Squared Team!

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