Five Features Facebook Will Never Add

With the addition of several new Facebook features lately and the simultaneous spread of spam offering the ability to see who views your profile or enable a dislike button, I decided to review some features that Facebook will never add and why.

1. Dislike Button

No amount of Facebook Pages requesting this feature will ever bring it to fruition. A like button is quite straight forward. It is a positive action that 99.9% of the time does not require clarification. A negative action, such as a dislike button, without context and explanation would cause far too much confusion and anger. It’s hard enough to figure out when someone is being sarcastic in online conversation. As my friend Damien often says, commenting is the dislike button on Facebook.

2. The ability to see who views your profile

Though Facebook has received some criticism in the past regarding their pushing the boundaries of privacy, this is one line Facebook will not be crossing. Facebook is successful not only because of the number of active users, but also because users spend so much time on the site. Facebook would never jeopardize user engagement.

3. Auto-friending

Again, a major factor in Facebook’s success is that users have control over who sees which part of their personal profile. The act of giving someone access to your personal profile will always require mutual approval. The friending process on Facebook will always be two steps, request and approval.

4. Use of aliases

It clearly states in Facebook’s terms of service, “Facebook users provide their real names and information, and we need your help to keep it that way.” In essence, Facebook is not MySpace and they need to ensure that Facebook does not become overrun with spam accounts which was a major cause of MySpace’s demise.

5. Friending Businesses

The act of friending will always involve two personal profiles and regardless of what Facebook decides to change “Like” to in a year from now, connecting with a business on Facebook will always be a different action. Facebook will continue to add features that help businesses connect with their audience on Facebook, but there will always be a distinction between a personal account/profile/page on Facebook and a business entity.

Are there any features you think Facebook would or would not add? What would your dream Facebook feature be? Share your thoughts as a comment below.

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