Facebook Pages for Global Brands

Do you ever wish you could drive customers from all over the world to one url, where the page was customized to them, no matter where in the world there were? Well, like the saying goes, be careful what you wish for! Facebook recently announced a new Pages structure for global brands. Here are the main benefits, in Facebook’s own words:

  • One global brand identity: Users from all countries will see the same Page name (translated into their local language), fan count, and People Talking About This (PTAT).
  • One URL: Brands can promote a single URL in all off-Facebook campaigns, and users will be automatically directed to the best version of the Page for them.
  • Global insights: Admins of the main Page will see insights for all global users in one easy-to-view dashboard.


The new Page structure will simplify the process of sharing local information with global customers by streamlining the different local Pages with the main Page, which would be directed toward the location with the brand’s biggest presence. Facebook noticed that brands that have shifted to the new format have done so relatively painlessly. Of course, there may be some work involved if you decide to customize your Timeline cover and profile photos specifically for different audiences, but in general, the shift just translates your page so that it is in the language of all the audiences you choose to incorporate. In order to adopt the Global Pages for your brand, you will need to work with your Facebook representative.

Dove is one brand who has made the switch to Global Pages. To experience a Global Page such as Dove’s, click on the little star next to “Message” button. A drop down menu appears. Click “Switch Region”, choosing whichever region you want to connect with (for our example, we chose Switzerland). You’ll notice that the language shifts, and there is some localized content, however, all of the “Likes” remain the same. You will see which of your friends like the brand no matter where they are located in the world. The above Page is directed at the United Stated. The Page below is a Global Page localized for Switzerland. Dove’s other Global Pages look the same, with the exception of being translated into different languages. Remember, to translate your Pages to a Global Page, you will need to work with your Facebook rep.

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From a social perspective, we can appreciate what TechCrunch had to say about the new Global Pages: “Now people from far reaches of the globe who Like the same thing are more likely to interact on a Page’s wall. Community across geopolitical lines is one of the clearest ways Facebook benefits the world. When you discover you and an Angolan / Afghani/Argentinean kid both Like the same Norwegian metal band, you see how similar you are and racism seems pretty stupid.”

From a business and marketing perspective, we think Facebook Global Pages have great potential to help global audiences feel more included with brands, and less alienated because of language differences. How great will it be that your fans from all over the world can engage with each other on your Page? Finally, as the spotlight remains on Facebook to drive revenue, ad sales are likely to see an increase as brands reach their global audiences through international ads, and international brands pump up ad dollars to maximize the new Global Pages reach as well. At the end of the day, Global Pages is a great addition to Facebook’s brand building toolbox.

Post written by Tia Marie Kemp aka @TiaMarieKemp. To learn more from Sociality Squared, become a fan!

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