Facebook Mobile Ads Gain Momentum

Facebook is right on target with building their new mobile marketing product, the mobile ad network. Mobile Advertising Hub reported, “During 2011, more than 33% of the traffic on Facebook (one of the most-visited websites in the world) came from mobile devices – up from 1% in 2008. This is a sure sign that more people are becoming comfortable with using their mobile devices to visit their favorite websites, and companies need to be prepared to meet these users wherever they are, with a mobile device, smartphone, and in any location”.

As mobile users continue to grow at a fast rate, mobile advertising has become a hot field. We see more and more people across the globe going mobile, using smart phones and tablets sometimes as their sole device, which makes mobile advertising even more important as the number of users increase. There has been a shift from desktop to mobile devices and the trend doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.


Facebook’s has entered this up-and-coming and extremely competitive market with their Mobile Ad Network, which is still in the testing phase of development. The network is set to change the way Facebook ads are presented on mobile devices by connecting users to other sites through their Facebook accounts, with a interface that is not purely social. Perhaps Facebook is listening to users who complain of their distaste for seeing everything their friends are “Like”, and have innovated a new way to reach these folks by not placing the Facebook branding, or “Like” on it. The ads work as third-party advertisements. For example, say are logged onto Facebook on your mobile device. You are on the Coca-cola Facebook page and you click through the page to Coca-cola’s website. You may, hypothetically, see an advertisement for for McDonald’s on their site. It will not say your friend Tom “Likes” it. It will look more organic to the site.


As concerns about Facebook’s IPO continue to fester, Facebook’s Mobile Ad Network could be just what is needed to build shareholder’s confidence and show some market gains. The Wall Street Journal postulates, “Despite worries about Facebook Inc.’s ability to make money from mobile devices, new research predicts the social network’s U.S. mobile-advertising revenue will quintuple next year, catapulting it into the top ranks of the mobile-ad business, behind market leader Google Inc.” We look forward to a good performance when these ads become available to the masses, and predict they will add some nice polish to your marketing mix.

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Post written by Tia Marie Kemp aka @TiaMarieKemp. To learn more from Sociality Squared, become a fan!


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