Facebook is Bringing Internet Privacy Back from Extinction!


Between the meteoric rise in popularity of Snapchat and the tsunami of pushback after it was revealed that the NSA has been spying on phone, email and web browsing records of US citizens without seeking a warrant, many web users are beginning to pay closer attention to what and where they post online. It was only natural for Facebook to take notice of this trend, but how could the social media poster boy for oversharing on the internet effectively promote adequate privacy options to their users? The same way I would: a dinosaur!


Nicknamed the Zuckasaurus, Facebook has recently introduced a new mascot of sorts for users who haven’t changed their privacy settings after a while, and their blue “Privacy Checkup” dinosaur is more than happy to deliver the following message:



“Hi – Sorry to interrupt. You haven’t changed who can see your posts recently, so we just wanted to make sure you’re sharing this post with the right audience. (Your current setting is Public, but you can change this whenever you post.)”


Facebook receives criticism on a regular basis for the obfuscated controls between what information is private and what information is public. With this out of the box method for notifying users about their privacy settings, Facebook may be attempting to deflect some of that criticism. Anything that can make users double-check their privacy settings is a good thing, and especially if it’s a dinosaur!

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