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Recently a friend of mine was hired by a company to run their social media presence. He is using his personal Facebook account to run ads for the company billed to the company credit card. He wants to run ads for his personal projects simultaneously, but the Facebook ad platform only allows you to designate one credit card at a time per account. Facebook has provided a work around for this exact issue by allowing you to create corporate Facebook accounts for the sole purpose of managing advertisements. This is a great option for any company or individual managing multiple clients with different billing needs. Here are the simple steps for creating a corporate account:

Set up corporate FB accounts
1.Click on Advertising at the bottom of the page on Facebook.com (While completely logged out)
2.Click “Create an Ad” (green button)
3.Create a “test” ad by going through steps 1-3 (Title: “test” Body: “test” URL: “www.facebook.com”)
4.When prompted to log in at “Facebook Login”, make sure to “Create a new account”
5.Input an e-mail address that does not match any email address that Facebook has on record already.
6.Verify e-mail address through your inbox
7.Input credit card information
8.Business Account created
9.Do not click “Create Your Profile” within this account

The only caveat to keep in mind is that each new account created must build a new click through history, which correlates directly with the level of performance of the ads. The greater the click through history the better an ad performs and when working from a new account you lose all the click through history built upon by previous accounts. Corporate accounts are a great benefit for companies to have all ad campaigns available from one hub separate from any particular employee or agency. Check out the Facebook Ads Help Center for more information.

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