Case Study: ClearChoice for Facebook


ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers


  • Establish credibility for ClearChoice by building a large and engaged community on Facebook
  • Utilize social platforms, with a primary focus on Facebook, to serve as tools to:
    • Increase ClearChoice brand awareness
    • Extend ClearChoice’s customer service
    • Educate fans on dental implants
    • Drive traffic to website and lead generation landing sites
    • Promote ClearChoice’s seminar events and tv shows
    • Protect ClearChoice’s reputation by listening and shaping searched content using ORM software

An integration campaign utilizing Facebook Marketplace Ads, Facebook Page, Twitter, YouTube and ORM reporting.

Key Lessons:

  • Having a large and active fan base can prove to add credibility and provide social proof for a company.
  • Employing a strong communication plan and timely response strategy is important in extending customer service onto social platforms.
  • Incorporating emotional and comedic content into a communication plan helps build a human connection between a company and its community while populating the social web with shareable content that fans can share with their family and friends.
  • Utilizing location targeting for Facebook Wall Posts is a key tactic to keep content relevant for fans’ New Feeds.

Organization Background
ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers have dental implant treatment centers located across the U.S. They offer premium dental implant care to their patients. Each center is an all-inclusive treatment facility with state of the art technology and lab services, providing the most modern tools for their implant patients’ care. ClearChoice offers only the best in facilities and dental care, with a network of licensed, experienced dental professionals owning and operating each center. Sharing clinical affiliation with so many centers provides the dental implant specialists the many opportunities for collaboration on protocols, procedures and clinical experiences. This shared knowledge and company base also allows patients to continue treatment at any affiliated center, calming any nerves about locations or quality of care.

In September 2010 when ClearChoice approached Sociality Squared the company had less than 200 fans on Facebook. The goals for 2010 carried through 2011: build credibility one fan at a time.

In addition to this, ClearChoice wanted to use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to increase ClearChoice brand awareness, extend ClearChoice’s customer service, educate fans on dental implants, drive traffic to website and lead generation landing sites, promote ClearChoice’s seminar events and tv shows, and protect ClearChoice’s reputation by listening and shaping searched content using ORM software. Facebook was the hub of ClearChoice’s social strategy to increase brand equity with their current and potential customers.

As a health service provider, ClearChoice has unique challenges to overcome as a company and in their social media efforts:

  • Dental implants are a large investment for patients
  • Dental implant surgery is a relatively new procedure, so an increase in education along with brand awareness was and continues to be critical for ClearChoice
  • A cheaper alternative of dentures is widely known, even though they don’t have the health benefits as dental implants
  • ClearChoice is the leading brand for dental implants with a national network of centers however the local competitors are extremely aggressive in encroaching on ClearChoice’s brand.

Facebook Marketplace Ads were employed to help build the Facebook community. Across platforms, a communication plan was employed that shared engaging content, news about ClearChoice events and tv shows, calls-to-action for lead-generation, educational content about ClearChoice and dental implants and ClearChoice’s video content which conveyed branding and patient testimonials.

Each ClearChoice center had a Facebook Place page added in 2011. This was done for search purposes and each one was linked and optimized to redirect viewers to the corporate and main Facebook page. This resulted in the locations tab that was searchable for centers within the Facebook environment. Every location also has a Facebook Deal promoting ClearChoice’s free cat scan. This also allowed for patients to check-in at each location via their mobile devices which helps bridge on- and offline experiences and activity distribution in real-time.

ORM reporting, link tracking and lead surveys were used to gauge how leads were being driven to ChearChoice and to listen to online conversations about the brand.

As of January 2012, the ClearChoice fan base on Facebook surpassed 26,000 fans who actively like, comment and share the brand’s content. To illustrate the engagement, Facebook’s new Insights show that in January, ClearChoice saw:

9,271,962 Average daily number of people who are friends of current ClearChoice fans
82,784 Average daily reach of ClearChoice content to users on Facebook
1,146 Average daily number of people who visited your Page, or saw your Page or one of its posts in News Feed or ticker. These can be people who have liked your Page and people who haven’t. (Unique Users)

The primary reasons that people become fans of ClearChoice have been identified as:

  • To receive discounts (ClearChoice offers a free consultation)
  • To ask Customer Service questions
  • Product / service research
  • Read reviews of other customers

Facebook ads have continuously performed well in supporting ClearChoice’s Facebook fan growth. In recent months, there has been an increase organic fans; to maintain this growth, engaging content remains highly important. Mobile will be an increasingly interesting trend to watch, as ClearChoice’s YouTube videos are being watched on more and more mobile devices. ClearChoice has noted the relevance of optimizing content for both desktop and mobile experiences across social platforms as smart phone use increases.

ClearChoice will continue to use ORM reporting and monitor online conversations carefully as they continue interacting with clients, many of whom will highlight their service experience on digital forums. The company is mindful of competition as they move forward in building their online fan base customer leads for their centers across the U.S.


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