Buying Beauty on Instagram

Long ago Twitter started calling itself a platform instead of a network, and with good reason. I bought a pair of eyeglasses once, you can buy an Acura with a tweet, add things to your #AmazonBasket in the UK and more options seem to pop up all the time. Instagram is now pushing the boundaries of what you can do with their photo sharing platform with the help of Marc Jacobs Beauty.



The Marc Jacobs Instagram program is the first of its kind and is not without its hoops. It start with filling out a form that will link your Instagram handle to your email address. After you’re confirmed your signup, pay attention to the @marcbeauty account. When they tweet something that you like, just Heart it on Instagram. You’ll get an email from Marc Jacobs Beauty each week giving you a rundown of everything you liked and how to purchase those items. You’ll also get product information, ingredients and application tips, and exclusive offers and deals.


It’s not exactly “buy with Instagram,” but it’s a big step forward with what’s possible using Instagram. This variety of push has its pain points and doesn’t allow for impulse purchases, but innovators like Marc Jacobs help push what’s possible on new platforms. Sociality Squared believes that we’ll start seeing Instagram embrace purchasing innovations like Twitter already has.



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