Are You Ready for f8?

On September 22, Facebook developers, entrepreneurs and innovators will gather at the San Francisco Design Center for possibly the most anticipated conference of the year: f8. This is where everything that has been “in the works” makes a big splash. This is where the fun starts.

Perhaps you’re one of the lucky invitees. At the very least, I know you’ve seen a few of your friends “like” f8. In fact, you’ve probably developed some serious “liking” skills yourself this past year. One of the biggest announcements in the history of the web happened at f8 2010 when Facebook made their vision of the “Open Graph” public. The Open Graph has changed the way we socialize and do business on the web. Because of this, we can now build a website with plug-ins that allow us to link to our Facebook connections. We can “like” a song on Spotify, and instantly share our favorite new jam with our Facebook friends. The list keeps growing as the Open Graph continues to revolutionize our online experiences. For in-depth information about f8 2010 click here.

So what is everyone whispering about leading up to f8 2011?

I mentioned how much easier sharing music has become with streaming services, such as Spotify, being connected via the Open Graph. Facebook has been aching to integrate music for ages; therefore we are expecting some of the excitement at f8 2011 to be around a big music announcement. There are rumors that Facebook may partner with some well-known music streaming services. Some other pieces that come with incorporating music and Facebook could be a possibility of buying songs with Music Credits, a virtual currency, as well as adding a music dashboard to the interface. These additions would have the potential to generate ad exposure.

An announcement regarding the iPad app will likely be released at this time as well. Instagram’s ride in popularity seems to have folks thinking that a new photo app will be introduced at f8. The app would feature filters, similar to Instagram. Read more about Facebook’s mobile photo app here.

Finally, there is that Spartan project we keep hearing about. Spartan is a platform that is aligned with all of the mobile growth that is happening these days, and is being considered a “Mobile Safari” completely based on HTML-5. This will give Facebook a great amount of control in the mobile space.

We look forward to whispers turning into shouts as f8 2011 unfolds.

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