Are Twitter Polls A Game-Changer? Yes or No?


What if I told you that there was an incredibly simple feature that will promote more direct feedback from your Twitter followers than ever before? With Twitter’s new native polls feature you can publish a tweet that users won’t be able to resist interacting with. Read on, and we’ll share exactly how Twitter Polls work, and why you’ll want to start experimenting with this new survey system:


In a nutshell, Twitter Polls allow you to create a simple two-option poll that is tweeted out to your followers. Users vote anonymously by selecting their favorite of the two, along with the ability to reply to the mini-survey with their own tweet, and once the “Vote” button is pressed, the current polling results are displayed within the original tweet. Every poll closes 24 hours after it is created, but the final results of the ballot are preserved along with its associated tweet. Twitter Polls can be made via the iOS and Android platforms, as well as desktop browsers through


This little feature is a big deal for anyone angling for interaction from their followers on Twitter. After all, what’s easier than selecting one of two choices placed directly in front of you? Twitter Polls is a much more efficient system for gathering info than asking fans to reply with a #This or #That hashtag and counting the results on your own, and it feels great to have the information from your live surveys at your fingertips. There are limitless creative opportunities to prod users for feedback with Twitter Polls, and this tool makes it easier than ever to engage with your audience, while learning a thing or two about their own preferences at the same time.

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The ability to instantly measure the preferences of one’s Twitter followers will be a fun toy for the average user, but Twitter Polls will be an invaluable businesses application. Only time will tell whether or not the polling platform will be utilized to its maximum potential, but until then, we have high hopes for Twitter Polls!

What do you think about Twitter Polls? Yes or No? Let us know in the comments!

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