5 Key Ways to Get Noticed On Twitter


With over 284 million active Twitter users sending upwards of 500 million tweets per day, it’s easy to have your brand’s voice lost in the noise if you don’t create a strategy to get your tweets noticed by fans and customers alike. We’ve pulled together five general guidelines that will boost the overall visibility of your Twitter marketing, but it’s up to you to discover the tone, style and frequency of your postings to learn what works best for you.


1. Let Your Personality Shine


Make it clear that there are dedicated, intelligent, helpful and friendly people who write for your Twitter content, instead of a cold corporate icon that tweets like a robot. Show that you care about their viewership by being conversational, clever and fun in your tweets, while being professional, to promote interaction and interest in your tweets. Examples include joking around with people who tweet at you, making silly puns about your products, posting relevant entertaining videos and images, and making your followers feel more like friends and guests instead of mere consumers.

2. Embrace Your Profile


This should be a no-brainer; but you need to completely fill out every customizable option on your Twitter profile. If you are serious about using Twitter for marketing purposes, tailor your profile’s background, profile photo, header photo, bio, official website link and location to match your image. Covering your tweets and profile page with your personal branding helps users to instantly identify with your enterprise, while providing potential followers another vital way to locate you via the major search engines. Also don’t forget that size matters when it comes to social media.


3. Interaction Brings Attention


By simply engaging with followers, you will create a sense of community while bringing attention back to your brand in return. An excellent way to launch interaction is by posting a question or an especially creative tweet. Consider retweeting messages and links that your followers will appreciate and to follow partners, clients and biggest supporters in return. Oh, and try to keep your tweets around 100 characters or less, so they are easier to retweet!


4. Pictures, pictures, pictures


You can send out as many plain text tweets that you want, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a tweet that can catch more attention than one sporting an interesting image or video. Do yourself a favor and get acquainted with our guide to the various Twitter Cards [INSERT THIS LINK HERE: https://blog.socialitysquared.com/twitter/sociality-squareds-guide-to-twitter-cards/ ], as nothing will stand out from a Twitter stream more than a large eye-catching photograph, hilarious Vine, or well-placed YouTube video amongst a sea of text.


5. Tasteful Repetition


What’s the point of subscribing to a Twitter feed that continuously repeats the same advertisement? If you carefully craft your message in each tweet, your message won’t be perceived as obnoxious, even if the link in each tweet goes to the same product or article. Mix up your message if you want to retweet the same concept or link, and you will be far less likely to annoy your followers.


Combine these five tips to get noticed with the Golden Rule: Tweet as you would like to be tweeted to, and your valuable tweets are sure to garner the attention that you need.

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