4 Key LinkedIn Tips for Businesses


You, the individual reading this guide, likely have and see the value of keeping a personal LinkedIn profile, but have you ever considered creating a LinkedIn page for your business as well? Brands both large and small benefit from maintaining a presence on LinkedIn which easily expands their visibility and ability to network for new customers, clients and vendors. These four key tips will help you to get the most out of your corporate LinkedIn page:


1. Finish Your Profile!


This one is a no-brainer, especially considering that potential customers could stumble onto your brand’s LinkedIn page before anything else on your platform. Not only does completely filling out the profile page give your business a handy SEO bonus, it will serve as an additional opportunity for consumers to learn about the enterprise, as well as a helpful directory to every corner of your online presence. That said, inserting links to your company’s homepage, social media sites and every meaningful method of communication is an absolute must.


2. Expand Your Contacts


While it’s not dangerous to go alone, bringing along a bunch of friends sure makes things easier! By building a solid web of contacts via employees, collaborative brands and other supportive individuals, your company naturally becomes much more visible on LinkedIn, and this expanded network also provides an easier way for the people in your inner circle to reach out to you. What goes around, comes around, so whenever someone sends your business an invitation to connect, give the extra moment to reply with a personal message, and give valuable recommendations for your contacts wherever you can.


LinkedIn Four Keys

3. Be Interesting


Remember that LinkedIn gives your brand an additional chance to stand out from your competition, so write this profile in an interesting and welcoming manner to showcase your company’s personality to your readers. Perhaps noting the year the business was founded, where you are headquartered, and the company’s size isn’t the most important information to have available, but some people find that sort of data extremely noteworthy, so insert some of your brand’s personal trivia into the page. Upload images of your corporate logo as your profile image, insert related pictures with each major update and blog post, create a custom background, and if you really want to influence LinkedIn browsers, place an introductory YouTube video at the top of the page — especially if it clearly relays who the business is and what your enterprise can do for the viewer. It doesn’t matter where you are online, using visual imagery leaves a huge impression, so leave your mark wherever possible.


4. Update Frequently


Think of a company’s LinkedIn page as another one of the pillars of your online platform, and like Facebook, Twitter and your other profiles, you wouldn’t want to let this LinkedIn profile stagnate. Regularly update the LinkedIn profile’s status, craft unique blog content, and sync it with your various social media accounts, so that visitors will have access to all of your brand’s latest news and announcements.

LinkedIn BIG Mimosa Key
LinkedIn is used by over 330 million unique users worldwide, and many of these profiles are owned by Fortune 100 companies including Microsoft, Boeing and The Home Depot –as well as millions of smaller brands to clearly showcase who they are, what they have accomplished, and to direct visitors to their other online ventures. Between these four key LinkedIn tips, and some additional research of the various corporations that have already harnessed the power of this mammoth network, your business will get the most out of its LinkedIn presence.


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