Kicking Off with Kapture!

Kapture ImageSociality Squared is proud to announce, for the first time, support for a Kickstarter campaign: Kapture! Helen Todd, CEO & Co-Founder of S2, is the official Kapture City Leader for New York City where her role is to promote and spearhead Kapture efforts there.

What is Kapture?

Kapture is an audio-recording wristband that allows you to share and save “spontaneous audio so you never miss a moment.” Founded by Matthew Dooley and Mike Sarow, the device runs on a continuous 60-second loop overwriting itself until you tap on the device to save your recording. Once you save your audio clip, you can download it to your smartphone, name it, store it and share it.


The purpose of Kapture is to collect and save the moments in life that you don’t want to forget. Get struck with creative genius in the line at Starbucks? Want to remind your significant other they promised to take out the trash? Record it all with Kapture so you never forget.

Thankfully, Dooley and Sarow took the design of Kapture seriously and made it both functional and stylish. The device comes in a multitude of colors including black, white, seafoam, hot orange, & hard yellow. If you really want to be hip, you can also customize it with a gold or chrome grill. In fact, “Vogue” included it in its Most Wanted article “Fashion (Finally) Meets Function: Ten Tech Pieces to Upgrade Your Wardrobe.”

Kapture is garnering plenty of national press. Besides Vogue, Kapture has appeared on TechCrunch, Mashable and Upstart Business Journal.

Matt Dooley

Why Kapture?

Kapture marks the first time S2 has fully endorsed and supported a Kickstarter campaign. So why now? S2 decided to join forces with Kapture for a variety of reasons.

First, we believe wearable technology is an emerging industry that we want to be a part of. From Google Glass to Kapture, new technology is coming out at a furious pace and is integrating itself into our wardrobes. S2 prides itself on being at the forefront of new trends and wants to be on the ground-floor as wearable technology continues to gain popularity.

Second, the strategy behind Kapture’s Kickstarter campaign also interests S2 from a business perspective. 270 Strategies has designed a campaign for Kickstarter that bridges online and offline strategy for a total, complete campaign. As a social media agency, we are interested in the balance and symbiotic nature between the digital and real-world. Crowd-sourcing is becoming ever-more popular and S2 realizes the importance of utilizing this funding method and understanding the strategy behind it and how to make a campaign successful. Plus, S2 believes in the power of sharing, as demonstrated in our work. As social media marketers, our job is to connect our clients with their community and promote sharing and dialogue. Kapture helps do that. There’s nothing more social than capturing personal moments and sharing them with others.

Finally, Kapture is based out of Cincinnati, OH where S2 has a strong presence. Co-founder Matthew Dooley is a Xavier University alum, along with members of the S2 team. S2 knows the importance of supporting fellow entrepreneurs and working together for mutually beneficial success. By harnessing all of our social networks, Kapture can succeed in their campaign.

What can I do to support Kapture?

Back their Kickstarter campaign! The goal of the campaign is to reach $150,000. So far, they have raised over $91,000. There are a variety of pledge options to fit every budget, from $5 all the way up to $4,999 and over. You can where you can receive everything from a cool swag bag and t-shirt to a limited edition Kapture devices. So, what are you waiting for? The campaign runs through October 3 so don’t delay. Click here to support Kapture’s Kickstarter campaign and help them cross the $150,000 threshold.

Also make sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date with the latest Kapture news.

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Kristy Beagle has been with Sociality Squared since 2012 and serves as an Account Executive. Her expertise includes project management, writing, reporting, paid social media campaigns, and overall social media strategy and execution. She’s a one-stop social media machine. Kristy holds a B.A. in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations from Xavier University.