Celebrating 10 Years of Sociality Squared

We believe in the power of story and social media to bring people together, and today marks an important chapter for our own story: We’re celebrating 10 years of Sociality Squared!

“Sociality” means people coming together in communities, exchanging ideas, and being social, whether over a dinner table or online. Since 2010, we’ve had the great privilege of bringing people together through our clients and at our S2xExchange events.

We are a social media agency who creates stories that inspire, entertain, and connect to reach and resonate with communities.

In fact, we’ve been building communities and creating compelling content since before Instagram or YouTube appeared on our phones. We are a turn-key solution as a team of social media experts who use an integrated, social-first approach to bring brand stories alive online. Every piece of content needs to stand on its own, while supporting the bigger picture. We know the sum is greater than its parts, similar to communities. That’s why we optimize stories for each channel and format – down to what hashtag is most meaningful.

But while social networks keep changing, there’s one thing that remains the same no matter which platform or technology we use: we always remember behind every screen is a person.

Clients partner with us to grow their businesses and with over 10 years of experience, we combine our expertise with flawless execution, so clients enjoy social media peace of mind and meaningful results. We feel incredibly lucky to work with brands who share a common belief that social media adds value to their business and society and want to partner with a team who cares deeply about making a positive impact on culture through content.

Today on our 10-year anniversary, I’m raising a glass to you – however you’ve come to know us – thank you. In some capacity you have you have touched Sociality Squared, including sharing your time to read this post.

We truly appreciate everyone who made today possible, from our earliest clients, partners, collaborators, and supporters, to our team members throughout the years and to our families and friends who’ve been there every step of the way, to our current clients and those considering partnering with us (we hope you do!). Thank you for challenging us, inspiring us, and most importantly, playing a part in allowing us to do the work we love and are proud to do.

We’re grateful for the past ten years and excited about all that lies ahead as our story continues to unfold. We hope you join us in celebrating this milestone: Subscribe to our monthly newsletter and connect with us on InstagramFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and GIPHY and join the conversation with #SocialitySquared.

Up, up, and away! 🎈


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Written By:

Helen Todd

Helen Todd is the co-founder and CEO of Sociality Squared, a full service social media agency based in New York City since 2010 who understands the magic of people coming together around what they value and love. Helen is an award-winning marketer, international speaker, and also an advisor and speaker for SXSW Interactive. Helen holds a Master's degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Emerson College.