Grow your personal brand and business through confidence, content, and customers on social media.

The Exponential Women Workshop is for women business owners who need an actionable game plan to leverage social media marketing to grow their businesses. Each customized plan can be implemented by the womenpreneurs, interns, assistants, or VAs. This one-day intensive will encompass learning and hands-on work so each woman leaves with confidence and content to attract customers! This workshop is for you if…

  • You don’t want to download another PDF from a social expert knowing you don’t have time to figure everything out on your own.
  • You have considered or taken an online course only to find you don’t have time to do the homework. Or that you need more technical help to actually know how to optimize a post.
  • You feel like publishing content on social goes into an internet black hole instead of actually helping grow your business.
  • You already have a social media presence that needs extra love or need to get started on social to grow your business.

**NEW DATE ADDED: Monday, September 16**

Get your ticket for the introductory rate of $499 before the rate increases on July 31, 2019!

In one day, you’ll arrive ready to dive in and leave with:

  • New headshot ($200 value)
  • Social content strategy w/ a focus on Facebook & Instagram
  • Social channels optimized + How-to post (#Winning)
  • Facebook/Instagram ad campaign ready to go
  • Confidence to hit the ground running (Priceless)
  • And lunch is included!

BONUS ALERT: You’ll also receive six months FREE access to Sprout Social Advanced – a $1,494 value!

We’ll set you up on Sprout Social, a leading publishing and analytics platform. You’ll be able to schedule posts, get more insights on hashtags and your channels, and manage all of your social messages in one place with their smart inbox.

**2020 will be here in six months – get ready for fall now**

We have worked with big brands, but we also believe in WOMEN HELPING WOMEN — so we’re introducing this workshop to do exactly that. We’re happy to share this AMAZING OFFER because we are dedicated to making the workshop accessible to women who are serious about growing their businesses. There are ONLY 25 SEATS available because we want to keep the workshop intimate and meaningful for women like you, who are ready to see exponential impact!

#ExponentialWomen Benefits Catered for You

The participants will get a download on all of the essential best practices and insider tips — from workflows to processes to equipment and apps to what drives engagement and sales — that can easily and confidently be implemented.

The benefits include:

  • Small classroom size group so you’ll get the time and attention needed
  • S2 will set you up on Sprout Social and help optimize your platforms with you
  • Hands-on expertise from Helen and the Sociality Squared team
  • Actionable plan for you, an intern, assistant, or VA to implement
  • Confidence and content so you can generate customers!

What you’ll need to bring:

  • Laptop
  • Notebook and pen if that’s your thing
  • Your social media passwords so you can log into your accounts
  • Can-do attitude and willingness to dive in, learn, and work

Headshot photography will be done by the talented Charles Chessler (@charleschesslerphotography) who took this photo of Tamyko.

The proof is in the pudding!

Sociality Squared uses an integrated, social-first approach to bring your brand alive online. Every piece of content needs to stand on its own, while supporting the bigger picture. We know the sum is greater than its parts. That’s why we optimize stories for each channel and format, to reach and resonate – down to what hashtag is most meaningful to your community. Over the past 9 years, our approach has resulted in millions of community members that help businesses like Leica Camera, Dolphin Browser, and Fitstar grow their brands. Our work has been featured on Forbes, the Facebook Studio Gallery, Brandchannel, and more!

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Helen brings 10 years of social media expertise and only the essentials you need to know to attract customers!


A big thank you to Microsoft for hosting Exponential Women!

The July 29 workshop no longer has tickets available. Not able to make it to the September 16 one, but want to stay informed on upcoming Exponential Women events? Sign up here: http://bit.ly/ExpWomenEvents